Domain name is an Internet address of the website. It can have various suffixes like . com. Net. info .mobi Etc . It can also identify a person or organization. Domain names can be acquired at a minimum yearly subscription; maximum can be about ten years.

There are many companies which, provide domain name. These companies are called the domain registrar. Domain name can play a very important role in your online business since it will determine your business future.

What Is a Domain Name

There are some things you should consider while buying a domain name as it is one of the most important investments you will make.

When you are looking for a domain name always try to get the .com extension. This is most popular and easier for people to remember.

It is not recommended to use dashes and numbers in a domain name. It will be very hard to remember.

As far as seo is considered domain name with dashes can outperform without a dash domain name, But again, it won’t be easy to remember. If you don’t have any option left, then you can get a domain name with a hyphen.

Do look for a short domain name. Keep your domain name as compact as possible. However, again short name would be already registered, you can add your business name along with your brand name. This will help people to know about the kind of business you are involved with.

Furthermore, look for the expired name if any. Expired name can also be a good option to start a business website from scratch.

Since an expired domain name has back links (build by previous owner) you can get boost in search engine ranking.

However, you need to be careful while choosing an expired domain name since there is always a possibility that it is banned by search engine due to its previous activity. Though this issue can be resolved on request made to search engines, but it may take some time.

Having a domain name is not enough, you also need a web host to store your website files. Sometimes a web hosting company also provide a free domain along with the hosting account.

However, you should try to avoid using such domain name as you will be bound to use their hosting service, and you may want to change it in the future.

Quick Tip: Many people new to the Internet and to the Internet Business, do not realize the importance of a Domain Name, they just think they can put up any creative name and people will come. If you’re lucky, that may be true, otherwise consider above tips before buying a domain name.