Domain name hosting is a key decision to planning an online business and it a way of giving a unique identity to one’s website. To make a first good impression on the user’s mindset it is essential to have a domain name that is relevant to your business.

There are many online service, which can help you to get cheap and good domain names. Site registrars do offer great service even on cheap domain name selection.

Domain Name Hosting

By surfing the websites, you can look out for companies that offer registration & hosting services at affordable rates. Once you have found the registrar for yourself the process of registering the domain name is quite simple. Domain name hosting can have a great impact on search engine ranking and SEO.

Always be careful in choosing a domain name as it should be easy for your customer and visitor to remember. It should also be easy to spell and ideal for search engine as well. Few tips can help your business a successful online venture.

Google’s pay importance to domain name keyword, however, choosing a long domain name with keywords can make it difficult to remember. If you choose a domain name with some keyword, it will likely improve your search engine rankings.

Try to choose a domain name which is short and has a keyword in it. Visitor may find your longer or complex domain name hard to spell or remember thus it will impact your online presence.

A .com Domain name will attract international visitors but will have a low impact in local search, whereas a domain name with .in,, will attract Indian visitors. If you wish to target particular country, then go for local domain name extension. Knowing market can help to choose your domain name, and it is an important thing to consider.

Domain name hosting and web hosting is also important. A .com Domain and a web host from US will tell a search engine that you are US based, and this will impact your overall search engine.

If you wish to appeal to a wider international audience, a .com Extension may be a helpful domain option for your business. A domain name with and US web host will identify you as UK based.

Quick Tip: Your first priority of choosing a domain name is to keep it short with keyword and easy to remember. Choosing a good domain and web hosting service should not be ignored. The shorter and the simpler the domain names be there are more chances of making a strong presence.