It’s not enough to create an incredible product and hope it will sell on its own. It’s important to create a Brand Identity for your product one that will set your product apart from your competition, one that captures the imagination of your customers and more importantly one that will sell your product.

The Brand Identity needs to be unique, yet it should connect with your potential customers.

Brand Identity

Brand Identity is the visual representation of your brand which consists of the Name, the Logo, the Design, the Font and the colors that are associated with your brand. The goal of a good brand identity is to make your product memorable to your customers.

Important aspects of Brand Identity

Product Name or Business Name

This is the trickiest part of creating a successful business. Do not make an emotional decision while choosing a name. Think about the purpose behind the name.

Acronyms or Alliterations are used to make the name easy to remember while a name like Ecogreen and Airbus is used to invoke imagery related to the business in the mind of the customers.

You can also make up words to make them memorable and this can be used very effectively during marketing as well.

The best example for this is the Nintendo’s Wii. Some Brands have successfully adapted Foreign words to invoke a sense of deep meaning to their business.

In the past we have also seen many companies that have used their founder’s name as their company name like HP and also names of places like Cisco which is a short form of San Francisco.

It’s up to you to think about all these alternatives and settle for a name which is memorable, unique and also one that connects with your customers.


The logo along with the name creates the initial impression of your company in the customer’s mind. It is your visual trademark and it is always better to get it designed by a professional designer who understands brand identity.

If you get the Logo right customer and the general public will be able to identify the brand without the name. Some companies use just the name of the brand as the logo but it is always better to accompany the name with a relevant logo to create a powerful image that people can remember.


Taglines can tell your customers what you do or how you do it or it invokes an emotion in your customer. It can be a few words or an entire sentence but it needs to catchy enough so that people will identify it with your brand.

For a new business it is very important to convey what the business is about and as you grow the Tagline can evolve as well. It’s better to use your tag line with your logo as much as possible.

Once your Name, Logo and the Tagline are finalized you have solid foundation to build your brand Identity. The next step is to create the variation of the brand identity that needs to go on the packaging, online line content and Offline content.

A graphic designer will usually provide you with the Logo Versions in terms of monochrome version, font types that needs to be used in any of the documentation and the color palette that you need to use to create the brand recall.

The Visual Identity will be used in your Website, Corporate Stationary, Packaging, Brochures & Flyers, Twitter & Facebook Pages, Favicons, Avatar and Online Ads.

If you have followed all the suggestion provided in this article you will create a lasting impression on your customers, conveyed the purpose of your business and created a powerful brand recall.