Creating a marketing message is a lot like building a house of cards: The building process can take a long, painstaking amount of time, however it can take mere moments to send everything tumbling.

Sometimes all it takes is a single piece of thoughtless communication to completely contradict your marketing message and the effort that has been put into building it up.

Corporate Blogging

Before you know it, your company is being slandered on the internet, in newspapers and through other forms of media, completely destroying your hard work. Unfortunately, with the ease of blogging also comes a great amount of responsibility.

Corporate blogging can do magical things when it comes to spreading your company’s marketing message in new and exciting ways.

The important thing to keep in mind, however, is that little things matter, and they add up, and as a corporate blogger, you will be held highly accountable for the messages that you spread in your blog.

Your underlings can probably pass a lot of information in a blog without the comments carrying that much weight, but if you are blogging for a company that you own or hold a high amount of stock in, you could do quite a bit of damage without intending to, simply by letting something slip that could destroy the marketing message that you have worked so hard to build with your corporate blog.

When working to spread your company’s marketing message through a corporate blogging effort, it is important that you know what message you are trying to portray, and you stick to that.

If you say something offhanded, too friendly, snooty, too formal, illiterate or otherwise off base, you can turn your hardworking marketing message into something that appears quite embarrassingly one dimensional and even fatuous in nature.

For this reason, it is important that you can ensure a certain level of consistently throughout your organization when it comes to writing a corporate blog, avoiding in the process the natural propensity for people to interpret and sell your marketing message in the wrong light.

Here are some suggestions that are well worth considering if you want to protect your hard earned name in big business and the world of online corporate blogging.

Remember, above all else, that message consistency depends on the message working for everyone within the organization.

Appoint the right person to maintain your message and its consistency not only throughout the company, but also in how the company communicates outside its doors as well.

Train, train, share information and train some more. Talk to your staff members in real terms, treat them like real people. Show them how to implement your marketing philosophies and messages when they blog, and then let them share of themselves and your company in ways that uphold these core messages.

Corporate blogging is a double edged sword When used correctly it can significantly boost the capabilities of your web presence online, but when used incorrectly it can destroy your company’s marketing message in a flash.