The social media sites was developed a decade before with idea to give a platform to make new friends and share common interests along with communicating in a modern way. However, in the recent past, online marketers and business professionals have started using these platforms for business purpose.

Hence the marketers are now seen using the sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, MySpace, etc. to promote their products or services.

Social Media Statistics

These websites are visited by millions of users on a daily basis and thus gives the businesses an opportunity to exploit these platforms. The platform of social media has now emerged with greater amount of potentials towards enhancing the online business statistics.

One fourth of internet is social media

As per the social media figures, 23 percent of online activity is invested over the social networking sites or blogs. This means that one quarter of the total internet activity is social media things while the remaining three quarters are for other things (which include hundreds of stuffs).

This gives enough reason for the online marketers to exploit this platform. Hence you can social media becoming a popular marketing tool and is seen invading the television as an ad medium.

The Email marketing figure

When you look at the number of businesses using email marketing, around 87 percent of social media marketers also use this medium. Around 65 percent of these people are seen focusing on search engine optimization with only just 10 percent of marketers relying on use of Television ads (as per Social Media Examiner).

Email marketing is considered as the most important method of converting fans seen over the social media pages into clients. When you compare it with the conversion rate of television, the figure at the TV seems to be too minimal.

The Fortune 500 companies

If you look at some of the largest business groups and corporations over the social media, around 58 percent of Fortune 500 companies are reported to carry their Facebook fan page (as per Viral Blog).

This means more than half the Fortune 500 companies are seen exploiting the social media platform, yet a large amount of companies and smaller groups are not paying any heed to have a Fan page over Facebook.

Increase of Pinterest Users is alarming

As per the figures of Social Times, the users at Pinterest adding up on a daily basis have reached to 145 percent since its inception. This means that Pinterest is growing in an alarming pace much faster than the popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Despite this incredible surge of Pinterest, most of the businesses are not aware about the marketing opportunity over this newly developed social media site. Exploiting the Pinterest would simply help the businesses to move way ahead in the cut throat competition.

Facebook brand pages

As per the All Twitter, only 17 percent of Facebook brand pages portray products or services while only 4 percent have enabled checkout. Though a majority of business groups are seen setting up their brand pages over Facebook and other social media sites, yet most of them are still not able to exploit their pages effectively.

The businesses which carry a shopping cart feature over their Facebook brand page do have an edge over their rival companies.

Blogs and Fortune 500 companies

At the outset when you look at the Fortune 500 companies, only 23 percent of these groups have blogs. Also, 35 and 37 percent of top 100 Fortune companies and INC fastest growing business groups too have blogs respectively.

Though the figure sounds small at one glance, however, when you dig deep, you would be surprised to see a good rise of corporate blogs. In fact, around one third of big companies are blogging.

Wrapping up

Nowadays, social media is considered as a robust tool for businesses to flourish in the market. It helps the business groups to make their presence felt over the most influential areas of web- the social media.

These statistics and data could certainly help you in improving your online marketing efforts. It is simply fun and entertaining to use these platforms while you achieve your business objectives.

Guest Post: Alyssa has been doing internet marketing, SEO Services for last 5 years. She loves traveling, meeting new people and works at SEO Morpheus.

Image Credit: ButchLebo