The practice of building an exclusive search engine optimization strategy for mobile devices is fast gaining popularity among online marketers. According to a recent study, it was concluded that sixty-five percent of the people who had a cell phone used it to browse the website.

An astonishing, twenty eight to thirty-five percent buy product online, out of which fifty-five percent bought within one hour of browsing and eighty-three percent bought on the same day, including those who bought within an hour. The numbers speak for themselves, and show that how important mobile SEO is going to be this year, and how it will impact in the future.

Mobile Website SEO Best Practices

Mobile SEO has become extremely important in the ever-changing world of the Internet. If you want to make sure that your website ranks high for searches made through handheld devices or smart phones, you would need to get mobile SEO right.

Effective Mobile Website SEO Tips and Benefits

Have a Mobile Version of Your Website: Mobile sites are more appealing to and user friendly. Prospective customer can enjoy their experience better on your mobile website.

Make It Simple and Fast: If your website doesn’t open within a second or two, the client might  get irritated and will switch to another site. Focusing on  “users first” approach is vitally importance for the long-term future of a mobile site.

Use Social Media: You must ensure connectivity between your mobile website and your social media channels – especially the mobile based ones such as twitter and Instagram.

Target Shorter Keywords: When a user’s search through mobile phones, they are much more likely to search for briefer keywords as mobile phones are less comfortable and harder to use. Targeting shorter and simpler keywords can get you a good amount of traffic.

Target Right Keywords: Targeting appropriate keywords all over the mobile site and content will help search engines to rate your content/mobile site and will give it higher ranking.

Focus on Usability: Beautiful designs can make it attractive but make sure it does not spoil user experience.

Mobile Sitemap: Having a mobile sitemap on place means you will have access to analytics, helpful information, suggestions, and most importantly it will help the search engines to recognize your site important pages.

Mobile SEO will play a crucial role to propel your brand and being prepared to answer client needs through a mobile devise should be your primary focus.