One of the biggest problems of any company is managing relationships with its customers. It may sound cliché, but it’s true that customers are the “life blood” of any company.

You want to keep your customers happy, but you also want them to be thinking about you.

Brand Awareness

Excite Your Customer

Most business websites are about as interesting as watching grass grow. Would you come back day after day to a site that only has product listings and some basic information about the company’s location and founder? Of course you wouldn’t.

Your Business Blog Should Be Your Voice

People expect to see a little individuality on a blog. I want to do business with someone that has a personality – someone with a pulse. A business blog gives them that. It gives the ability to see that you are making advancements products.

The words you use show customers that you are knowledgeable about your product and that you are a leader in the field.

A Business Blog Can Solicit Feedback

Many companies pay to run focus groups. Certainly focus groups have their place, but why not augment your information gathering by asking readers of your company blog?

It’s free – it’s easy – and it’s so much better than those e-mail surveys that everyone deletes.

A Business Blog Can Build Product Awareness

Marketing a new product is always difficult. With so many companies releasing products every day, your product might get lost in the fold.

Your customers only have so much attention, you need to do everything you to grab and hold on to that. Since business blogs are faithfully read on a regular basis, they are a very cost effective way to keep customers aware of your product.

In today’s world, your customer is asking for these things from the companies she does business with. If you are able to provide them for her, she’ll keep coming back.

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