Business blogging is rife with benefits for those who utilize it properly, as it adds significant value to a company’s web presence, increasing search engine visibility and encouraging excellent and meaningful interaction from readers, driving an increase of traffic to your website in the process.

But blogging for business is not always easy, because writer’s block does happen to everyone.

Content Writing

The following list of business blogging ideas will help to keep you going, creating new and meaningful content for your business blog for a good long time.

1. Email To Blog Post

Take any email content that you have, and recycle it in order to create new blog content. If you are like most modern business owners, you probably do your fair share of emailing which can work to your advantage. Re-purpose some of your email content by turning it into blog entry material.

2. Address Reader Questions

Implement a method for your readers to type in their questions to you. Consider adding a small box or a small form to one of your sidebars. All a reader will have to do is ask their question and click submit, and you will receive the question by e-mail so that you can address it in your blog.

When the questions relate to your business, your products or your services, not only will this facilitate communication between you and your readers but it also makes for excellent blog content when the questions are relevant.

3. Research Keywords

Use a tool for researching keywords like the one offered by Google so that you can identify the keywords and key phrases that best relate to your business. When you know what people are searching for, it can better help you formulate an idea for a blog post.

These tools show you exactly what potential readers are looking for, saving time and effort in determining what you should be writing about.

4. Follow News

Follow the media, because there is nothing that influences the behavior of internet searches the way the media does. What is currently being talked about within your niche or industry? Which topics are being regarded as hot topics?

Why not talk about them in your own words by turning them into blog entries? For added effectiveness, create Google Alerts so that you can generate an endless stream of blog content ideas and other valuable writing material.

Any time something is posted about one of your chosen keywords, Google will e-mail you to let you know. Can it get any easier?

5. Look To Yourself

Look at your own company in search of blog entries and subject matter that you can write about. What kinds of products and services are you providing to the public?

What are the most important components of those services or products. Break this up into various information entries and not only will you be posting search engine-valuable content, but you will also be informing your readers of the value behind your products and services.

6. Theme

Create a series of blog entries that focuses on some kind of theme that is relevant to your business. For example, write about the “Top 10 Reasons…” or “15 Steps To…” or “10 Things You Should…” and make each of these items a separate post in your blog. This is also the kind of blog entry that will get a lot of links from other bloggers all over the internet, which will send extra traffic in your direction if you let it.

7. Put It On Paper

When you really need to brainstorm for ideas, take out a piece of paper and start putting ideas down on paper. Write down information on your products and your services, and then write down different ways that those products and services can potentially solve the problems of your readers.

Jot down some of the best features and benefits for your services and products, writing freely rather than necessarily editing yourself, and by the time you are done you will have a bunch of new blog entry ideas.

8. Interviews

Conduct an interview of someone in your company or industry in Q & A format on your blog. Reach out to experts in some field that is related to your company, inviting them to do an online interview through e-mail. When you get answers back from the interviewee, you can publish the entire interview into a blog entry.

9. What are They Doing?

Consider looking to other bloggers in your industry in search of blog content ideas and blog content inspiration. What are other bloggers talking about in your niche or industry?

What topics seem to be the most popular or the most talked about in your niche or industry? Read other blogs, visit forums and conduct as much research as you can in order to stay current on what is hot and happening in your industry.

10. Google News

Head to Google News ( and do a search for the keywords and key phrases that are related to your business.

This will bring up all kinds of interesting new content including news articles, press releases and other content that will provide an excellent resource for blog entry ideas and guidance for content writing.

With these tips for content creation, you will find it difficult to run out of blog topics to write about in your business blog.