Marketing can seem like a mystery to most of the business owners because of its complexity and lack of knowledge.  It is often complicated and confusing to many business owners as they don’t know where to start.

There are far too many marketing professionals who stick to just one or two specific aspects of marketing since one wrong step can lead to huge loss. There is a minimum risk in doing so but these usually have little or no impact on the end result.

Business Marketing

Understand Your Consumer

You just cannot market your product to a marketplace of which you are not aware of. You need to understand and know your market as if it were a person.

You must know why they buy your product. How old is the average person buying your product and What kinds of jobs do they have and what is their income. You practically need to study everything.

The more data you have about your market, the more you are able to target your message effectively.

Target Proper Consumer

You need to target your message to the appropriate consumer. Delivering your message to the age group who is less interested in your product will hamper your marketing campaign.


Once you are ready with your product and a marketing plan, you cannot reach your consumer anytime. Think about certain times of the year that your product or service is most useful to a consumer. For example, during summer vacation or festival season.

Your Offer

Along with the appropriate timing, you also need to bundle a proper offer to attract a customer. Only 20% of your results are based on your creativity other 40% are dependent on your offer, and the rest 40% is dependent on the audience you target.

Once you’re done you need to start all over again with your testing so that you can compare which plan is yielding you more results.

Product Or Service Benefits

Once you start your marketing campaign do not assume that your prospect will already know the benefits. You will have to spell them out for the market and make them understand how it can be helpful for them.

You have to address their needs and let  them know how your service or product will differentiate you from your competitors. Some marketing messages are so confusing that they make prospects wondering what the benefits are, do not repeat their mistakes.

If you are looking forward to improve your marketing results, then you need to follow all these above quick & easy guidelines.

Image Credit: Rico Buraga