Launching your business website doesn’t mean your work is over. Every business needs to know how it’s performing. You can get this idea by surveys, the customer feedback forms, suggestion boxes, etc. Without customer feedback, monitoring inventory, expenses, income and other benchmarks; any business can have a quick slide down a slippery slope.

Without the owner noticing it, his business can make a heavy loss. So it is important that you keep an eye on every website data.

Website Monitoring

Though you won’t understand every single data of a website, you must learn to understand the basic. Most of these can be classified as performance related or server related. Here are some tips for website monitoring, which can be very useful for your business.

Traffic Monitoring

You need to know the amount of traffic your website receives. You can expect to receive a good amount of traffic from a search engine Google, if your website is well optimized and has a good number of backlinks. However, if the traffic graph goes down, you should know it why and should figure out quickly.

Sometimes loss of traffic can be due to algorithm change in Google, and it can also be temporary. However, if it does not get back to the normal range, you must do something about it.

Referrers For Website

It is not enough to know how many visitors you are getting. You need to know from where are they coming from. The traffic which you receive from Google is most likely to convert well, whereas you cannot expect much form the traffic, you get from forum website or web directories.

Bounce Rate Very Important In Website Monitoring

Bounce rate is a term used in web site traffic analysis. It denotes the percentage of users who enter the site and leave the site rather than continue viewing other pages of a site. If people visit only one page per visit, you have a big job to do to make them visit more pages. You should also work on pages with the affiliate link that makes you money.

Shopping Carts

Shopping Carts are slow and complicated and are responsible for an estimated $ 25 million in lost sales. Make sure yours is working properly.

Download Speed Of a Page

Clear your cache and test your pages. Compress large images and even remove them if not needed. Remember that some people are using much slower connection than you are. Some may even use a hand-held device to browse through your website.

Server accessibility

All web hosting companies promise 99% accessibility. However, it is not always true. According to one estimate, 75% of inaccessibility is not on the hosting server, but rather in the Internet backbone and the global routing. So make sure that the web hosting company you choose has good reputation in its service.

Quick Tip: Before launching a business website do test all your pages on your local server.