Website is one of the most important assets in your small business or any other businesses. It also shows how professional you are in your business. The one without any online presence always lags behind their competitors. However, if you want to launch to your first website, you are bound to make mistakes.

These are some common pitfalls when designing your site, or when you get designed from a programmer. In majority cases you always get your site designed by a web design company, below are the points which you should discuss with your web designer.

Few Mistakes To Avoid In Web Designing

Website Homepage

Homepage not always tells a user what a website is about. When a user’s visit a website he should be able to figure out what the site is about, what type of products it sells, and how it is useful for a user within five seconds. If a user get confused, he would simply exist.

Popup Window

Popups may be a great way to showcase important messages or banner. However, Popups and splashy advertising make your homepage to load slower this draw interest away from your web site, products, and/ or services.

Web Site Navigation

Poor website navigation such as broken links, links that takes to page with no content, and pages with no links back to the home page always tend to make a user very confuse, and it put a wrong impression on his mind about your business or skills. Important links should be clearly visible on the header section or in left/right section of your website. This depends on the layout of your site.

Website Relevance and Content

The most disappointing for a user when he visits a website is to see outdated content. Old and out to date content denotes that you are not devoted to your business, or you are not committed in giving out your service.

Graphics and Effects

Try to avoid too many text effects, lashing text, reversing text, gymnastics text, or other eye-popping effect. Use limited and smaller graphics so that it doesn’t overwhelm your visitor with graphics load. Use no or minimum graphics as it is annoying and distracting that site visitors don’t want to see.

Website Template

When building your website with Microsoft FrontPage do not use its default theme. Avoid frames into web site design too.

Quick Tip: Incorporate the proper web page elements such as title tag and meta tags so that it is easily found by search engines. This technique is called search engine optimization.