SEO means “Search Engine Optimization,” and is a technique used in web publications to increase the visibility and traffic of a website. This is done by gaining a better position in search engines, which helps to get more readers.

The very first thing required in writing an SEO content is having good writing skills so that you can produce interesting content. Second, the strategic placement of keywords or phrases within the text. And third, the inclusion of links to and from external sources that will boost the number of readers of your article. Read the following steps to find out how to write an SEO optimized article.

SEO Content Writing

SEO Content Writing

Outlining your article.

All your points should be well-written and informative. The article should present a new perspective on a specific topic, so that people want to read the complete article and not exit the half way. In other words, your article should be useful, entertaining and valuable.

A well-written article will attract more traffic and reduce the bounce rate of your site, which is a good sign of a quality website. This will also make it more attractive for link’s traders (people who link their sites to yours) and increase the likelihood of getting more advertiser for your website.

Make a list of key phrases and key words for your article.

These are very important as it can be included within the meta description of the page, which are part of the HTML code. Phrases and keywords are words or combinations of words that people use to find information about the subject they intend to read. Using those keywords in your meta description will give a boost to your article ranking in search engines up to some extent.

The so-called “spiders” that search engines use visit each web page of a site, recorded phrases and its keywords. These “spiders” will analyze the content, quality and later allocates its ranking in the SERP. One of the ways in which they do this is by recording the keywords and phrases to determine the theme of a page.

It will also check how often a key word or phrase is used, if a page has and grammar error or not, and what types of the inbound and outbound links exist. The spiders will furthermore check the page hyperlinks. These are links to other pages that are somehow relevant to the article.

Write your article while keeping in mind these key points.

  • Make sure your article correctly uses grammar and not have typos.
  • Give a keyword rich title to your article.
  • Divide into short paragraphs with subtitles.
  • Use keywords and key phrases at the start of the article, preferably in the first sentence, or at least in the first paragraph.
  • Do not use excessive words or phrases. Use it naturally throughout the article. The “density” recommended for keywords is between 1% to 3%.
  • Include keywords and key phrases in headings and subheadings. You can even place the keywords and phrases in italics or bold.
  • Includes hyperlinks within the article.

Hyperlinks are links to another web page that are relevant to your topic. You can highlight a word or phrase and add the web address you want to link. Make sure each link is directed to a website that offers quality and accurate information that is easy to navigate.

Build links to your article.

Even if you wrote a great article no one is going to read it, unless they know about it. You need to try to reach your target audience. Start by sharing a link on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. You can even encourage your friends to share it again so that more and more readers can be reached.