Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing a web site in order to improve a website’s ranking in search engine like Google. The actual process of SEO can be quite complicated, and may vary depending upon the website structure and keywords and many other factors.

SEO is not limited to, meta-tags and header tags, keyword density, optimizing and alt tag. There are many factors, which affect it.

Search Engine Optimization and Backlinks Facts

SEO techniques do include a relevant backlinks, with some anchor text. This can have a great effect on increasing the ranking of specific keywords. Due to the positive effect of building back links in search engine rankings, some website owners buy back links to raise their website ranking. Google sees this technique as a manipulation of their algorithm, and penalizes a website for buying links.

The reason why Google does not want people to buy links to increase the ranking of their websites is that the backlinks act as a vote, that means each backlink is considered a “vote.” If people are buying back links mean they are buying votes.

It is still possible to conduct Off Page SEO campaigns, only the methods have changed. Instead of trying to fool Google, it is best to work with methods that Google does not disapprove. This means having quality content on your website. Having a good content on your site means that there will be people interested in linking to your website.

You can use this a few techniques for building links, but not in an attempt to manipulate Google, just join the different online community and let people know what you have to offer.

Don’t always use the same anchor text every time. It’s OK to sometimes use “click here” for anchor text or “read more.” The reason is that you don’t want to create patterns of same keywords repeatedly. Google likes things to look natural and for that reason, you must keep varying your anchor text.

Hundreds of backlinks from 10 different domains are more powerful than thousands of backlinks from a single domain.

Every single backlink count, do not always look for links from high page rank websites. Links from zero PR website can also be very beneficial, however, use anchor text carefully.

Though every backlink counts, links from non-related sites offer little relevance and are of little value.

One-way links are much more valuable than reciprocal links.

Your website won’t be penalized by Google for getting too many backlinks, if you choose appropriate technics and vary your anchor text. Techniques include manual bookmarking, article marketing, web 2.0 sites, etc. However, you can be penalized if you buy links for your website.

Quick Tip: Article submission and guest blogging can be a great source to start with. Set a goal of getting 20 to 25 backlinks from a new domain every week, and you’ll be ahead of 95% of your competitors.