If you own a website or blog, then you must have heard that descent theme, keywords, Meta tags, Back links and contents play a major role in search engine ranking. All this can be achieved on your own except the backlinks. Things get worse when you are getting denied from every webmaster for link exchange proposal.

This is the case when your website page rank is zero. What to do if you can’t get any genuine back link for your website?

How To Build SEO BackLink For Your Website

Link From Your Own Blog

The easiest way to get few backlinks without any effort is to link to your own website from the blog which you already own. Or you can creates a blog with sub domain. However, you need to publish quality and unique content, related to your website, make sure it’s not the duplicate one.

Give it a different look and style, But filled it with some great content which people like to read. If your first website is about real estate, then you can blog about “Home Improvement.” And by linking both the website and blog you can get a quality back link. Google is comfortable with this technique unless you’re not overdoing it.

Link Exchanges

You can swap links with other webmasters and bloggers. However, this technique is outdated, and sometime it will harm your website ranking as well. If you want to consider link exchange with other websites make sure they use no follow attribute with your anchor text.

This will tell Google that you are not trying to manipulate search engine. It will get you no follow backlinks and still that counts.

Register with Directories

Register your site with a number of directories. This is another easy way to get good backlinks. However, make sure the directory you submit your website do not links hundreds of websites from single page. Links from a web page with hundred of out going links may be considered as link spam by Google.

Write Articles

Submit your original and unique articles to article directories like Ezine and many others. You can still consider making your links no follow to avoid any penalty from Google. You can obtain some best-quality backlinks from article directories, but you must be careful with the anchor text you use.

Write Press Releases

You can write a press release and submit to sites like PRweb or any other PR websites, which offer free submission.

Go Viral

You can submit your websites to social media website like twitter, Facebook and Google+. This will also help to get some quick backlinks, bring more traffic and help your content to go viral, if it is really interesting and unique.

Quick Tip: You can host your websites and blog on different IP. The reason behind is that the link from the different ip address is better than the single ip.

Image Credit: Will Lion