Backlinks are the life blood of any SEO Campaign. Without backlinks any website cannot rank well, and you can not get free traffic from Search Engines.

A backlink is basically an external link, or inbound link, that points to your site and this link act as a vote for your website, which in turn increases your web presence in search engines.

Backlink Analysis

Google’s algorithms are made such that they place less emphasis on on-page factors than they do on off-page or off-site factors – this is because the trust value of a website is more easily measured in the context of other websites that link to it than it is by any on-page or on-site “manipulation” that a webmaster usually performs on his or her own website.

Checking your website or your competitors backlinks count is a relatively simple process and also very important step to hold a strong position in the market. There are a number of tools out there than can help you in this process, including free tools like Link Diagnosis, Backlinks Watch and Open Site Explorer.

Important Uses Of a Backlink Analysis

Domain Authority: This metric is developed by Moz. It shows the importance of a domain. It calculates various factors to provide domain authority value. The value ranges from zero to hundred. More value the better, you can check yours website as well as your competitor’s website domain authority value to find out how long it will take you to out pass them in search engines.

Page Authority: This is yet again another metric developed by Moz to show the importance of a given page. You can find out why some of the pages of the competitor websites rank higher than yours.

Backlink Audit: Over optimization is an extremely damaging practice which can lead to various Google penalties. Moreover, webmasters often forget that there is also a risk of gaining potentially harmful links, which can affect its ranking. A backlink audit not only helps to remove these harmful backlinks but also help to reduce over-optimization of a website.

Fixing Dead Links: 404 pages on a website increase the bounce rates. Moreover, these pages fail to pass high-quality link juice and also impact website ranking. You need to check if your site has dead links and removes it from search engines or apply 301 redirects.

Link Prospecting: Getting high-quality link building is very important as it will decide the success of a website. However, these opportunities are hard to get, as there may be low-quality websites linking to you. Link prospecting helps you to identiry high quality and relevant websites from low quality backlinks.

Competitor Analysis: Last not the least, if you want to overtake your competitors, it is important to find out from where they are getting backlinks and what techniques they are using. Analyzing their websites will give you an insight into the competitive atmosphere in and around your relevant areas. This can help you to adjust your business strategies for your benefit.

Keeping the track of your backlinks is very important step involved in online marketing. That way, you can find out which sites link back to your site and which sites do not. There are many online tools that can help you to record the statistics of your backlinks

The most popular backlinks analysis tools include Majestic SEO, Open Site Explorer, Backlinks Watch, Link Diagnosis and Ahrefs.