Small businesses can attract a large amount of targeted traffic through inbound search engines, if they employ the marketing effort with care. So, in order to compete in the market you need a comprehensive SEO strategy that balances the often big variance in marketing budget.

Ranking high in search results of Google and Yahoo can have an incredible impact on your business. You can hire an SEO expert, or you can do it yourself to make some changes in your website or blog. Here is what you need to do.
Search Engine Optimization Tips

Research Keywords

Keyword is the word or word phrase which a user type in search engine to search information. Think as a user, What do you think your customer would type to find your product or service? Brainstorm with your team. Think of other’s alternative words too. You can also get an idea from your competitor website.

Like what keyword they are using. Try to make a list of around 15 to 20 keyword or keyword phrase. Do care in selecting keywords, Select two keyword phrases that are the most relevant to you business.

Include Keywords

Now its time for using that keywords. Place your keywords in Title, preferably at the beginning of the title. Include keywords in every page of your website. Use keywords to link to other pages of your website instead of writing, “read more” or “other pages” Once you have tuned your home page, Consider adding a description to it. Like what your website offer.

Link Building

A Link to your website from other websites is considered as a vote by search engines. So try to get back link from other websites.

Local Listing

Search Engines like Google and Bing both offer local listing. However, make sure that it doesn’t appear to be spam. Provide appropriate data and facts. Look at the other listings to get an idea.

Add Interactive Media

Many businesses failed to do it, or they think it’s not important. However, adding a video or picture or video testimonial to listings can give a huge impact as it can help to stand out from others.

Remember to keep updating your content, and continually increase the number of links to your website.

Quick Review: Keyword is the most important factor in search engine optimization. Focusing your promotion in your local market rather than a wide geographical area will improve your ranking in a great way. You can also try off-line marketing in a specific region so that you can obtain more opportunities to bring target