Google’s latest algorithm; Google Penguin, was officially launched on 24th April 2012. It is made to clean spam and delivering better results that are of more relevance to search engine query made by users.

Until now, it is seemed to be impressive and working very well for them in removing spam websites from their index. Although not as damaging as Google Panda which was launched last year.

Google Penguin Update

Google Penguin update is the newest algorithmic rule that has gotten to be a barrier for the webmasters and bloggers. Previous year’s Google Panda update had nearly affected almost 12% of all total search queries, while the Penguin update is said to have affected over 3.1% of search engine queries, until now.

Google Penguin is planned to blend with other things in further. It will also see what kind of web neighborhood your website is currently grouped in.

The modern Penguin update is very much equivalent to the Panda update last year, which aimed websites that copied content from other quality sites. The Penguin update has so far done good job for Google in removing spammers from the SERPS (search engine rankings page) and its focus proceeds to move towards related, fresh, and high-quality web content.

Google Penguin also rewards good quality and related content. It is also believed that it will help the bloggers to rank their website who has no SEO knowledge, quality content is the key now.

Since the Penguin update is created to cope with spammers and improper SEO techniques, it’s necessary to be certain you are not participating in these types of activities such as viral link building, link farms, copying others content, etc. Google doesn’t support spammy and unnatural inbound links, nor it favors too many outbound links.

Google seriously put an attention on discovering and punishing spam and other black hat SEO habits with Google Penguin. Website owners and bloggers must not forget that being indexed in Google is a privilege and not a right.

Google could ban you from their index at any time if they caught you with wrong activities. One of the important changes brought about in the Penguin update was to stop over-optimization in anchor text.

Anchor text is the text showed in the URL that linkback to your website from another webpage. As mentioned before, Google’s Penguin update is meant to detect and remove unnatural links from different sources.

If you are employing white hat SEO techniques, then you don’t have to worry about anything. Google and their crawlers are very smart enough to understand if your website is spam or not.

To prevent being penalized in ranking or any other type of penalty, carry on to build backlinks from high quality and related websites. Although it is time consuming, it is better to rank good someday than never.

Quick Tip: Recently, thousand of website owners received un-natural links warning email from Google. If you have received it too, the first thing, you can do is ask your link partners to remove your site link from their blogroll.

Image Credit: MoneyBlogNewz