A domain name is fundamentally your website address or URL on the internet. When persons want to visit any website, they put the domain name (web address) into their browser to open it.

Without a domain name, a website cannot exist and no one can discover it online.

Domain Name

Need Of a Domain Name

You will need it so that your website has an online address, so that a user can locate it and explore it. If you want to launch a website of your own, you need to have one.

How to Get a Domain Name

There are countless companies online that sell it at a reasonable price. Once you purchase from one of these companies then your website will have a web address and which can be accessible to the online world. Though, you will need a hosting account to host your website files.

Picking a Good Name

Whenever you pick a domain, it is prominent to keep it relevant to that of your website niche or business.

This makes it relevant and simple to remember for your visitors and enables the search engines to rank your site high when people search for particular keyword.

Example: If you want to start a site about “How to Make a Website,,” then picking a domain name such as http://howtomakeawebsite.com will be easier to remember. There are literally lots of different combinations you could use but the foremost thing is to purchase niche specific keywords into your domain name if possible.

What To Do If Domain Of Your Choice As Already Taken

In this condition, you can try to find different variations of your desired domain. It is not necessary that a domain name should only end with .com, there is other top level domain extensions you can use like .net .org. .biz and there are many others. Chances are these are not taken, and you can register them.

There are also other variations you can use like .in .net.in .org.in .co.in etc, if your choice is not available.

If no options are available for your desired name then you either need to pick different related keywords or get creative and add extra word or number to your domain. Just make sure that whatever the name you pick is easy to remember.

What Is Web Hosting

Web Hosting is a service provided by hosting companies, which offers a physical location to store web pages and files for your website. In other words, they charge you to host your site so that it is accessible to an internet user.

They normally charged as a monthly or yearly fee. Domain names are very important when getting your website online and without it, a website cannot exist.