Domain name can play a very important role in online business. You should be very careful in choosing one. Domain name of your business is your online identity, and it will determine how well you will do in business.

Choose a domain name that is easily memorable, short and has a keyword in it. Here are some tips in choosing a best domain name that captures the essence of your brand image or business.

Business Domain Names

You must first check that the domain name you choose is not already being used by someone else. It is possible that the name you choose is used by another company or business but with a different extension.

If this site has good SEO and decent number of backlinks, then they can be serious competition to your business. It is always worth registering all the domain extensions that are available with your domain name so that such problem never arises.

If your website is going to play a crucial role in the business, then is important to have a keyword in the brand name. Use the word that is most searched in the search engine query.

To do some keyword research you can use Google Adwords Keyword Tool, and it is free. To get more details about a keyword you can register too. If your domain name has a keyword, then it will have good ranking in search engine like Google Yahoo and Bing. domain names are best. Other extensions for a business domain name do not really suite. If your competitor has a same domain name with extension, then you will be the one who will suffer. You can use the numbers and hyphens to get the desired domain name. However, this will help with SEO but will be difficult to remember for your users.

Furthermore, register domains with other extensions if you believe that you will receive a heavy traffic later. Then redirect all those domain to the main URL of your business website.

Use your company name only if your brand name is famous. Use set of two words as domain one which represent your brand name and other represent business.

Quick Tip: Be patient, You should not choose a domain name in minutes just to get one. A hasty decision may cost you a lot. It is better to invest time in research and arrive at the right kind of domain name.