You should always think about domain name before registering it. Most of the people come up with a catchy name, or feel they need to look for their name, and buy a domain name. However, there are many things to consider in your domain name.

After all, your domain name is an extension of your business, and you will want to project your image correctly.

Domain Names Registration

Domain Name Extension

The domain extension you choose makes sure it attract the specific audience you want to target.

For example. tells people that you operate in the UK, and .In will tell that you are operating in India. If you want to target global audience, then you can register a domain name with .com extension.

Use Good Domain Registrar

Unfortunately, some domain registration services are little more than a scam. They are intermediaries only.

In most case, you have to pay higher than the actual amount of the domain name. Sometimes they register a domain name with their information, so it becomes very difficult for you to do anything with your domain name.

Do some background research on the company before registering a domain with them.

Use keywords In Domain Name

This trick always helps in search engines ranking of your website or blog. For example, if you sell software online, but your brand name is “xyz” you might consider a domain name with two keywords.

One for the name of your company, and other for what your business is about. For example,

Short Domain Name

Short domain names are always easier remember and spell.

Avoid Trademarks Of Other Company

Companies have been known to sue Web site owners for violation of copyright and trademark. So be very careful if you try to confront an existing business.

Make sure you register a domain name in good faith, and think about the possibilities and connections that may exist between you and the business to another.

Don’t Use Hyphens In Domain Name

Sometimes you have to use hyphens if the domain you want is already registered. In that situation, a better idea is to get a completely different domain name.

The problem with hyphens is that users may end up visiting the wrong website other than yours. This means you lose your visitors and hence business.

Register Domain Name With More Extensions

Consider buying several different extensions so no one can undermine your success by registering a similar name.

For example, if you register, you can take. and so on, as these are the most popular extensions.

Find Companies That Offer Telephone Support

If you have problems with your domain name, you need to be able to contact the company and talk to someone. Having telephone support is also a sign of a reputable company.

Look For ICANN Accreditation

Reputable companies seek accreditation as they know it will boost their business image by being a part of a group that supports good business ethics and procedure.

Not having a certification does not mean that the company is always bad. If the company you are looking has no accreditation, be sure to check for things like phone support, payment procedures, etc.

Quick Tip: After finding a company you like to register a domain name, do a search on Google to read about its reviews from other users. A good company always has good reviews around the world wide web.