Expired domains can benefits those people who are looking to take advantage of its existing traffic, back-links and directory listings. Domain name is your ticket for more business and expired domain can be proved to be gems.

Once you your site is up doing business you forget about your domain name. You only worry about your site thinking about how to improve it for more business.

Domain Name Drop Catching

The only time when you come to know about your domain is when it got expired. You may have ignored all the mails sent by your registrar company saying that your domain is about to expire. One year is a long term, and we cannot always remember that our domain is about to expire.

As you think about your website, you should also think about your domain name. As once you lost it, you stand no where, and it is impossible to get it back once it is registered by another user. Though you can get it back if you make a deal with its new owner settling the amount he demands.

Expired domain already has incoming traffic, you can quickly use that to your advantage by tapping into sources of revenue which can be generated from a website. You can also put your adsense ads or sell advertising space to others in your related niche, right after you purchased it.

Now let me tell you what is drop catching, Drop catching is a legal process to acquire expired domains. There are people who are always in a hunt of expired domain, once its expired, they acquired it within seconds. And they also sell them for higher profits. So it is wise to re activate your domain name subscription before it gets expired.

So when does a domain really called an expired domain? As per rules of ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) it gives domain registrars 45 days after the expiration date to notify the website owner that their domain name is going to be removed from their registry.

After the 45 days, you still get the 30-day grace period if you fail to re activate your domain it will get expired, and in no time it will get acquired by someone else.

Quick Tip: ICANN is the not for profit organization responsible for managing the Internet domain name system, including IP address space assignments.

Image Credit: Sean MacEntee