Internet surfing is the daily activity for million of users. Whether it be for business purpose or leisure, shopping or collecting information, all is done by visiting any website. For many people visiting a website can be just fun but for webmasters, it can be source of their income.

There are millions of websites, which are making good income online, whether it be few pages sites or thousand pages site. However, all have one thing in common that is web hosting.

Web Hosting

Hosting is a basic need of every website. In you want your site or blog to be accesses worldwide it has to be hosted on a server. Web hosting company deliver a service which allows you to upload your website to a server so that it can be live and accessed online.

Hosting company are very professional in their service and its only them who can provide you server. A web server is much like a computer but is connected to the Internet 24×7 and if shut down your website will be down as well… These computers are only used to host websites officially named as servers or web server.

You can normally host thousand of website on a single server, and for this reason, they need a very fast Internet connection. They are connected to high-speed data internet which they lease out to individuals who want to host their sites. Since the online users have grown in numbers, website’s numbers have also increased.

This has led to the number of companies to step into hosting business. Because of great competition, you can get good value for money, if you buy hosting for yourself.

You may choose companies that own a server, or you may choose one who are hiring their space from a bigger web hosting company. The companies which hire their service have their web space coupled to the server of the bigger company, so it is the bigger company that is, in fact, hosting your website.

This is normally known as reseller hosting, where you buy a hosting account and sell to different users who need it. You can set your own price and sell it at your convince. It is a profitable business too.

The above given fact is only the basics to make you understand how the hosting and web sites work. In order to have your personal web site you need to know more than just hosting. For example, you need knowledge to make a website. You need to understand SEO and web marketing and so on.

Image Credit: Domas Mituzas