If you’re thinking to launch your very first website, it can be very tempting to choose a web hosting company that provides their service for free. They normally provide features with is enough for a user to launch a new site.

Some free hosting companies also allow you to install different web scripts on their server, such as wordpress, joomla, drupal etc.

Free Web Hosting

While others allow you to update basic HTML files, and this makes it more difficult to look more professional.

Hosting is important investment in your business and should be done with care and knowledge. Right decision can ease your work, or it could also impact your business impression.

Free web hosting way of doing business is different from the paid hosting companies, and they earn money, which is sometimes not disclosed.

Their term and condition can also differ. They normally make their money by displaying their won ads on your site or by encouraging you to purchase to their premium service to remove the advertisement.

Sometime they even ask you to upgrade your service if they found out your website is receiving the great amount of visitors. Normally, this will end in blocking of your account if you keep ignoring their upgrade suggestion emails.

If not, then this free web hosting sites adds their affiliate links everywhere on your site, and by this way, they make most of the money by providing you a free website.

While in paid hosting whole of ad space is your, and you could make good business if you add your own affiliate links.

If a user visits your website and decides to click on particular advertisement, that should go in your pocket, not theirs.

If you don’t want to make any money from the traffic, or you just want to get familiar with hosting account and its features then you can always go for free account.

If you completely depend on your website for doing business, then, you have to forget about free and pay to get quality web host and support.

There are plenty of quality web hosting services and free web hosting services too. However, the important thing to consider is price, features and customer support.

Never go for the company which says one dollar hosting as their service would be as bad as of any free web hosting company.

Image Credit: Simon Law