Search engine optimization is the method to improve website ranking in the search engine result. It always requires some technical skills. You need to tweak your website HTML files to do that.

However, you can still contribute to your website ranking even you are not managing your website, and that is known as off page optimization.

Off-Page SEO Optimization

It’s a way of spreading your website link over different websites so that you get a valuable backlinks and help to improve the ranking of your website. So how really you can do that, here are few simple ways.

Off-page SEO is techniques, which help to drive’s traffic to your site and increases your Page Rank (PR). The main reason for employing off-page SEO is to complement your on-page SEO efforts with Google Juice.

Directory Submission

This is the oldest technique as the online directories have existed since the availability of the Internet. Though it may look like an ordinary website, linkback from those websites can be really valuable. To maximize your exposure and the effectiveness of your listing, search for a niche directory that is related to your industry.

Article Marketing

Search some best article website with higher page rank say between 3 and 5. Now submit the article which is related to your website. Before you submit, make sure you have filled the resource box with your website URL. In this way, you’re not only getting a back link but also visitors. is a website that will give you a good start, and you may want to do it for long term so that you constantly harness its benefits. These techniques will keep you busy for a while and will yield positive results within a short period of time.

Forum Participation

Search for forums on the net which are relevant to your website. And start sharing information with other’s members of the community. Now every forum community provides a signature box, just write down your website URL with one line description.

Keep it short and simple. Your signature will appear just below where you post something or comment on other posts. Your signature will help others to know more about you. Someone will always click on that link if you had made a nice contribution to the community.


Create a blog for your website, and update it with the latest development or new features about your website. Find something aligned with your industry and start reading and commenting on different blog. Blogging is a powerful marketing tool and will also improve your ranking in search engine.

Quick Tip: To create a blog visit or An effective off-page SEO strategy should contain a combination of all above techniques and more.

Image Credit: SEOplanter