If you are publishing a business blog that has an RSS feed, and you should be, it is important to use a service that will allow you to enhance that feed and learn from it.

One of the best services out there for this is Feedburner, and it can make a big difference in the way that you publish your content, and what you learn from it.


Let’s take a look at just a few of the benefits that using this service can bring your business blog.

True Estimate Of Readership

Although your blog may have the ability to track page views, this really is not an accurate estimate of your readership.

With Feedburner, you will be able to see how many people are clicking on feed links, which stories they are reading and how many subscribers you have.

Tracking data is supplied on a daily basis and there are options to enhance the kind of information that is provided.

When you first start your business blog, this is a very nice feature to have since it allows you to see if the time you are spending is worth it in terms of how quickly you gain readership.

One Permanent Feed Address

Perhaps the best benefit of using a service like Feedburner is that you get an RSS URL that will never change. Once you pick your Feedburner URL, you can redirect any of your own URL’s to it, so that your readers only have to subscribe to your feed once.

If you change blogging platforms, or if you change the RSS feed, this will never actually affect your readers. This is very vital for companies since it is possible to lose hundreds of readers with one feed address change.

Gauging What Posts Work and Which Ones Don’t

With Feedburner, you will be able to see which particular posts are garnering the most interest. This is data that you can really use.

By paying attention to these statistics, you can start publishing information that your readers want to read – and that is how blogs become successful.

Sure, you may adore writing about a certain topic, but if your readers aren’t feeling it, you’re wasting your time. Use these stats to help you figure out which direction your blog needs to go in terms of the type of content you are publishing.

The Software Your Readers are Using

Most blog readers use an aggregator to deliver their news, and there are many choices out there.

Feedburner lets you see which ones your readers are using, and this can be beneficial when it comes to formatting and making sure that your blog is displaying properly.

It can also let you know how many readers are actually just going to your website to get the blog and how many are actively using a feed to get there.

This is useful information that you can use to shape the way that you publish your blog and the way your blog is designed.