Link Bait is the latest buzz in SEO. A link bait article is simply a long overview of a particular niche that aims to provide a newcomer to a site with all the information they would care to know on that subject.

These articles are normally 2,000 to 4,000 words long, and they typically contain supplemental information in the form of infographics and videos.


Link bait is the kind of content or material that makes people want to link to it naturally as it is a well researched article or tool to enhance website functionality. No link trading means nothing in return. Just write content so well that people would want to be connected with it somehow.

Link bait refers to creating content or tool that is designed to attract readers from around the web. You can call it as “strategic content” as it’s written with a surreptitious goal in mind that’s to have other bloggers and social networks users comment or refer to it in their own friends and communities as a “must read” piece of content.

Other possible ways for doing Link Bait is that you can make a theme, plugin or piece of software. Something helpful for free, become an expert in niche and write something valuable.

You can also try to create a piece of code, which must be unique and useful, though it might take some time to develop such a tool, the result can be outstanding. After creating such a tool you can expect to get enormous backlinks to your website.

Every website or blog is always looking for various tools and resources so that they can use on their website to enhance the appearance or help their readers. So offer these site owners something that can help them, whether it’s a program, widget or plugin or a well researched article.

Image Credit: Max