If you had been in the SEO industry for a while, you may remember that previous days of link building was simply submitting your site to directories, and you would have gotten 100 news links within 24 hours. That sure was pretty awesome.

Unfortunately, with so many Google updates and algorithm change, those days are over. However, there are many e-business that use easy link building techniques to risk their website in the future. Remember a hard-earned link is the best backlink.

Bad Link Building

Choose Website Smartly: Be smart about your link placement. If you’re not, then you risk creating a host of unnatural links that will spoil everything you’ve attempted to achieve in your link building campaign.

Anchor Text: A very important aspect to link building is to control the anchor text. If you don’t know how to optimize your anchor text, then you must not indulge in any link building activity. Using the correct anchor text will get your site to the top of the search engine results twenty times faster than if you did not use it.

Avoid Link Exchange: Google does not mind if you interlink your website (up to some extent), but exchanging links with ten twenty websites could definitely harm your site.

Avoid Social Bookmarking Site: Links from the social bookmarking site are usually junk links, which means they are good as none.

You must also routinely do backlink analysis and review where your traffic is coming from. Are the links coming from high-quality websites? Do they relate to your website? How’s the user experience on these links? Remove or request removal of those links by emailing the website owner.

You can also make use of Google Webmaster Tools to better understand your website’s and its health.