Coming up with a business idea is probably the easiest part of getting a business running. It’s when it comes to working for people (your clients) with people (your employees) that difficulties arise as you realise it’s not always easy to make people do what you want them to do.

This is where smart employee engagement should come in to help you motivate your workers and free up your time to achieve long-term goals for your start up.

Employee Engagement

So take note of our 10 ways to engage employees for all round business success:

Share Your Vision

If you treat employees like they are just running errands for you, you won’t go far. Make sure they know about long-term plans and show them what they are gaining.

Fuel Their Passion

Encourage your employees to talk about your small business with friends and family, representing it with passion and pride.

Acknowledge Their Sacrifices

You and your team will often have to work extra hours or come in on weekends. Make it known you appreciate their effort and never take it for granted.

Learn From Mistakes Together

Being too critical can put employees off. It’s best to say something like ‘thanks to this situation we all know what not to do in future’ when an error or a misjudgement is made.

Point Out Their Role In Overall Success

Make it clear to the whole team which part every member plays and how crucial it is in the big picture.

Let Them Coach You

If you don’t know something, ask your employee for a favor and learn something from them. Nothing says ‘cool boss’ better than an open-minded, curious person.

Set an Example

Good leaders don’t necessarily talk too much or give incessant instructions on what to do. They simply practice behavior patterns that can be easily picked up by their employees so be approachable and always ready to help, stay composed and control emotions under pressure.

Praise Them For Independent Decisions

When you delegate decision making to your employees, even a small task successfully accomplished can boost their confidence so communicate your appreciation clearly.

Give Them Tasks Beyond Their Regular Scope

Make them take initiative and be their own boss from time to time.

Listen To Their Opinions

If they have fresh ideas about how the business should be run, it’s always best to hear those out. Even if you don’t decide to act on their propositions it encourages healthy employee involvement when you show you care what they think.

In small business communication is everything. So follow the 10 tips above to increase productivity and enjoy greater financial success.