Everyone loves working for someone who is sure about himself and can inspire confidence in others. If you are indecisive about decisions you will end up alienating your employees. Your indecision may result in your employees losing faith in your organization and even thinking that the management has failed them.

With the degree of cutthroat competition rising in every industry the responsibility of steering the ships lies heavily on the Leader’s shoulders. As the old cliché goes only during tough times you can separate the men from the boys.


Courage is one of the most important characteristics that the leader should posses. This includes analyzing the situation at hand and making a decision that even if the solution is not perfect. Understanding the situation and making a decision that makes the least damage.

This at times is the only solution and how you handle it can either make you a hero or a villain amongst your employees.

A courageous leader needs to make necessary cuts at times at the risk of infuriating the employees. It could be firing someone or making changes that affect the entire organization this includes restructuring the organization or even moving the location of business.

A good leader also posses the ability to identify profitable ventures and take calculated risks. Only someone who delegates his responsibilities without being paranoid can do this. This also instills trust in his employees.

The most important characteristic of a courageous leader has to be his ability to swallow his pride and accept his mistakes. Only when you are humble enough to learn new things and learn from your mistakes will you be able to lead a successful team.

Business Leadership – Leading a Team to Victory

To be a successful leader, you need to focus on these finer qualities of Leadership


A leader should posses an exemplary character one which is synonymous with Integrity. He should be honest with his employees and his clients alike.

He should posses a calm demeanor and should lead by example. A leader with a good character is easily approachable by his employees and can lead the pack better as he will be able to communicate easily with them.


If you want your employees to rally around you and work towards a single goal for the upliftment of the organization, they need to know that their leader is equally dedicated towards the cause. A good leader puts in his energy and work towards the fulfillment of the goal. By setting a good example a leader will be able to inspire his whole team.


Being humble goes a long way. A leader should be willing to learn from his employees, this shows his dedication towards improving himself and that he is not self effacing. Being Magnanimous also adds to the charm of a good leader. He gives credit where it is due and owns up to his mistakes. This brings the team together.


A leader needs to be assertive without being aggressive. He should state the responsibilities of each employee clearly and make sure they achieve their targets. Being assertive also means that misunderstandings can be avoided and the desired results can be achieved.


A good leader thinks outside the box and comes up with easy and simple solutions even for daunting tasks. At times calculated risks need to be taken by the leader to guide the team across difficult situation without disheartening them. This is where the ability to think creatively comes into play.