$10 for a domain/year, $3/month with unlimited bandwidth and space is the minimal cost you require for your site to be up and running. For a year the total charge can be summed up to $50 approximation.

Though this price is affordable, there are still people who find it to be out of their budget. A person might want to experiment before purchasing a domain and hosting plan or else $50 might really be out of the question (like it was to me once).

Get a Blog up and Running Under Your Budget

In this article, light will be thrown over various ways to cut down your domain and hosting charges with several alternatives.

Cutting on your Domain Cost

Domains ending with .com are not the only domains available. There are several others like .in, .il, .biz and much more. Some domains come for real cheap while other cost up to $20 a year. Do a little research and you will find a domain name with reasonable cost.

Cutting on your Hosting Costs

Hosting charges are very expensive and tricky too. They are tricky because for the first year you are charged too low and in the later years every single cent is squeezed out of your pocket. Instead of going cheap in the beginning it would be wise to opt for discounts.

Yes, there are discounts available when purchased for two or three years. A little search can land you over the perfect deal. You can also look around Webhostingpad or Register.com for interesting deals.

Free Hosting

Another alternative is using free hosting services. Yes, once you have purchased a domain name you can easily host your site for free as long as you wish. However, the facility of hosing your site does come with a limitation and it is with the bandwidth and disk space.

Generally, 250 MB is the limit with your bandwidth and 100MB is the limit for your disk space. Unless you are planning to run a site that would attract huge attention (which it will) this would be suitable for you.

Hosting with WordPress and Blogger

Finally, we arrive at the final option of not just hosting but of purchasing a domain too. There are two famous blogging platforms known as Blogger and WordPress.

They provide the facility of purchasing a domain and hosting it over their server. Generally a .com domain with one year of hosting would cost you $10. Now, $10 per year for a domain name including the hosting charges can be a feast for you.

Choosing between Blogger and WordPress depends on the style you wish your blog to be. WordPress has more number of free themes available when compared to Blogger. On the other hand if you are a programmer and can design your own theme then options are wide open.

Low costs do come with some limitations. Though there is no limitation over Bandwidth and disk space, you are prohibited from using affiliate links in your blog. A friend of mine used Blogger for six months and promoted affiliate products.

After six months his blog was banned. I got banned in the first week of promoting affiliate products both in WordPress and Blogger. Therefore, learn from the experienced, read the terms & conditions very carefully and do not cross the line.

Guest Post: Richie Richardson writes for webhostingpad promotion codes and register.com voucher codes. He is also passionate about social media marketing and SEO. You can use the coupon of webhostingpad and register.com to avail discount on hosting plans.