Web hosting is an online service in which web space is allotted to users on computer servers with 24/7 Internet connectivity so that their website is always online and is readily available to its users.

Servers are sophisticated, high-tech and high-powered mainframe’s computers that have an utterly huge hard drive, or collection of hard drives. Hosting companies lease space to buyers as its a form of online business, Users buy web space so that they can have an online “web presence.”

What Is Web Hosting

Things to Check for When picking a Web Host

Hosting comes in different plans and pricing, When you are looking forward to get a decent web host, you must check following services to ensure that you are getting the optimum service.

1. FTP access: Uploading images and file content to a server becomes very simple if a FTP access is included in a hosting plan. At present, FTP access is normally provided by almost every web host.

2. Enough Web Space: When looking for web hosts, you must decide a plan out first about the web space you are going to require. Normally, a web space of less than 100MB can be sufficient for web site with fewer numbers of pages. Since a typical website will only have few HTML pages, you won’t be requiring much space.

3. Reliability and Server Accessibility: When picking a web hosting company, do not forget to look at the guaranteed minimum up-time. It is always mentioned on their homepage. 99% uptime is considered to be decent. Internet users are always in hurry and impatient so the speed and access are very essential too so that web pages load quickly.

4. Bandwidth/Traffic: These are the bytes transferred/used by a visitor when he is looking around your web pages. Therefore, sufficient bandwidth is also a key factor. If you are going to host only one website, then 1-2GB monthly bandwidth should be sufficient for you. Since you won’t be getting many users, you won’t be needing more bandwidth.

5. Email addresses: This is one of the most important features that you will be needing to brand your business; an Email address is always included in the hosting plan, there is also separate email hosting service available, but you won’t need at this stage. Having email addresses on the domain is enabled by most of the hosting companies. So, hosting plans, which include email addresses must be your first choice.

6. Technical Support: 24/7 technical support is mostly provided by most of the web hosting companies. This should include support via email and also through phone calls. Since in some case you will be needing their quick response, phone support is also necessary.

Image Credit: Steve Jurvetson