Like many of you, I want to drive traffic to my site. I want to gain more subscribers, and eventually, I’d like to make money! We all have different experiences with blogging, and we all know what works for us and what drives traffic.

For some, that means guest posting a lot, and for others it means getting lucky that someone big notices you and retweets your link.

What a Local Blogger Group Can Do For Your Blog

I had an experience I’d like to share with you because it completely changed the way I think about blogging. I did my fair share of guest blogging, but only got a few visitors each time.

I wasn’t growing enough and was getting discouraged. One day, it all changed. I was getting more visitors, more quality visitors, and I knew that my growth wasn’t going to level off any time soon.

What Was The Big Change?

I joined a group of other bloggers who write about the same topic and have the same goals. Our goal is to improve our Alexa Ranking, but what has happened has been far more substantial.

We drive traffic to each other’s sites. We interact outside the blogging world and everyone contributes what they can. I automated the process to retrieve rankings and post them every day.

Another person set up a carnival that highlights other people in the group, and another person set up a link to highlight our favorite posts. Soon we’ll have a whole website devoted to this group.

The Main Thing I’ve Learned Is to Be Selfless

Don’t worry about your rankings. If you do, you’ll never go anywhere. Interact with people. Do you love when people retweet your posts and comment on your blog?

Get out there and comment on their blogs! Do you have a favorite group of blogs that you read every day? Propose a group that will help you interact better.

You can share your tips that will benefit everyone and learn the best way to get advertising.

I go to a happy hour with other bloggers in the D.C. area once a month and guess what? My first advertising money came from a referral from someone I met the very first time! I wasn’t expecting it, but I learned a lot, had a great time sharing my experiences, and blogging suddenly took on a whole new meaning.

Whether your blog is stagnating, you’re just starting out, or you are comfortable with your place, get out there and interact with others. You will help others grow and they will undoubtedly return the favor!

About Author: Daniel comes from Sweating the Big Stuff, where he blogs about personal finance and is part of the Yakezie group, which advocates a mentality of selflessly promoting others for the greater good.