A year ago, I started out writing in my final semester. My pocket was hungry for extra cash, and therefore, I decide to satiate it. A search over Google landed on Freelancer.com. I did what anyone would do; I signed up for an account and started hunting for a job. Competition was fierce. People were willing to write even for $1/500 words of unique content.

Unfortunately, I too had to succumb for this rate to cut down the competition. Without any sample to show and expertise I was completely lost. Finally, after some struggle, I got awarded for a project. The project was a cocktail sort which required proofreading, editing, and rewriting at the cost of $0.25, $0.50 and $1 respectively.

Blogger Journey From $0.25 to $25

Soon I realized that this is not what I had wished for. In solitude, I worked out a plan and decided to execute it.

Reputation Building

At freelancer, I learnt reputation to be the core of earning potential; the better your reputation the better your wages. With no samples, there was no choice except to provide unique, unpublished contents in the requested niche. While placing a bid, I would peruse the job and include a 200 word sample. A project worth $120 fell on my lap.

Unfortunately, I was never paid for the project as I was foolish enough to trust the employer and work outside of freelancer. But I had gained samples and experience, which were used to land on further jobs. Finally, I had built a reputation as a writer and jobs ranged from $3 to $5 for 500 words for unique contents.

Stick, Learn and Move Ahead

Three months passed when I received another job, which changed my life. The job required content to be written, which were related to Marketing. Very little did I know about marketing as, at that time, I was pursuing my course in Marine Engineering.

Though being a little skeptic, I gladly accepted as the employer allowed me to research and provided sources. $8 for 500 words of unique content was the price for which we settled down.

For six months, I continued to work. As my final semester exams approached I was burdened with writing and studying. In the morning, I studied and at night I wrote voraciously. The plan was to stick to the work without it being a hindrance to my studies.

Usually I wrote 4 to 5 articles of 500 words but during the exams, I kept it as low as 1 or 2. Exams were over in a month’s time, and there I was again hitting on my laptop.

After six months, I was completely immersed in Marketing including SEO. Six months of research had made me into a self taught marketer. I learnt almost everything about Internet marketing, Social Media Marketing, SEO, Advertising and everything else relating to writing and marketing. This was the time when I decided to move ahead and become a freelance blogger.


Blogging seems to be everything now a day. To become a blogger, I needed to understand the working of the blogging platform. I experimented on WordPress and Blogger and hosted many sites. Most of them failed. Learning from the failed sites, I decided to purchase a domain of my own and host it.

However, I was looking for a cheap hosting plan. Another foolish act was not to research the market. It was after I had purchased a moderately expensive plan that I came across many discounts on hosting.

Anyhow, I had a blog of my own, and I used it to promote my skills. Of course, I concentrated on Internet Marketing rather than every niche that brushed across my face. With a blog at my side and previous work expertise, I charge $25 for a single post.

To tell you the truth I have worked on projects that have paid up to $50 per post. But sadly, my goal is to reach $100 for a post, which I will let you guys know when I reach it.

Here I am, with a degree in Marine Engineering and a passion for blogging, enjoying my life to the fullest. So, if you are working for just a few dollars remember that I worked for cents.

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Image Credit: Giuliano Maiolini