Classified advertising is one of the widely used forms of advertisement in today’s business arena. These types of advertisements are short but highly effective. Classified ads can do wonders for your business if they are properly planned and showcased.

The main focus of these ads should be generating leads for the business. It will not be an exaggeration if it is said that this is the era of classified advertising.

Free Classified Ads
Regardless of the type of media, the classified ads rule everywhere, starting from print to electronic or web media. No matter what type of business you own, you can promote it through this type of advertisement.

People find it lucrative and easier than the other type of ads. However, you need to make your classified ads better in order to get good response out of it.

There are few ways of doing so. In this article we will discuss few tips to get successful results from classified ads

Short Ads Do Better

One of the common features of classified ads is they are short in size. However, some classifieds allow you to enhance the size of your advertisement. But you should keep your ad short since it attracts the viewers most.

General customers don’t like to read lengthy ads that are printed on newspapers or appears on different websites. Short ads catch the eyes and hence it is advised to keep your ad short and to the point.

Use Action Words

Your classified advertising must have action words. Words like “discover”, “check out” or “how to” will help your customers to get a visual image of the ad and they will feel excited about it. These words work great in classified ads.

Be Exclusive

Always try to be exclusive in your advertisement. It can be possible that there are several ads on similar products or services published by different companies, but the customer needs to be drawn towards your advertisement.

For that, you need to make it unique. Follow the other advertisements on the same products and try to think how you can be ways apart from them.

Don’t Sell

Though you are placing the ad to sell your product, it should not be the primary objective of classified advertising. You should place the ad to generate leads and nothing more.

So never try to sell your product through the tiny space of your classified. Make readers curious about your product or service and lure them visit your shop or website.

Give Importance To Response

Generating leads or response should be your main objective. So don’t try anything which can make the customers confused about your product or service. Don’t try to be funny or cute with your ad since many people may not like this approach in serious business.

Use Simple Words

Always use simple words that can help the customers to understand your product or business. You may be a master in English but your classified ad should not be the place to show your knowledge.

It should be simple and straight forward. People must understand what you exactly want to tell them through a particular advertisement.

While planning for your classified advertising format and content you should keep the above-mentioned points in your mind. These will help you obtain better results through your advertisement and achieve a better business as well.