Most people understand the basics when it comes to blogging or corporate blogging, but unless you have been trained in SEO, you probably do not understand what goes on behind the scenes. For example, are you aware of how backlinks are vital to the success of your corporate blog?

If you are wondering how backlinks are going to benefit your corporate blog, and more importantly, how you can get the most out of them, keep reading:

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The first thing that you need to understand is what a back link is. Any time a link is created to your corporate blog from another blog or website, you have a back link. Google and other search engines look at these back links as a testament to the effectiveness of your blog, because if other websites and blogs are linking to yours, then yours must have value of some sort.

In other words, if you want your blog to build up popularity in the highest ranking search engines, you need to find ways to have links created to your blog from other places across the internet.

There are essentially a couple of different ways to create back links to your website, all of which can benefit your corporate blog.

1. Link exchanges build back links.

Strike deals with other bloggers in your niche or industry. If you link to them in your blog or on your website, they will link to you in exchange. The more popular their websites are the more important and vital these links will be.

2. Link to your own blog entries elsewhere.

Comment in other blogs in your industry and post a link back to your blog. Submit articles to submission sites with a link back to your blog. The more links that you create that point back to your blog, the higher your search engine page rank is going to be when Google finds these links and then connects them back to your website.

3. Create links to your blog from your website, and then to your blog from your website.

Every link to your blog is a valuable back link, even though some back links are not as valuable as other. Google and other search engines do actually count how many links are pointing to your website as a reference for how popular your website is, and how valuable your content is.

When Google sees a large number of links pointing to your corporate blog, especially when they come from a wide variety of different websites, that is how the search engine will know that your corporate blog is providing high quality content that offers value to other people on the internet.

4. By offering valuable content, other readers and bloggers will naturally find and link to your content.

The more value you provide, the more other bloggers will want to talk about your blog.

In other words, if you want search engines to acknowledge that your corporate blog offers value, you need to build back links.