We all can’t live without listening to music, there is also a saying that music is the soul of human being. For those of you, who make it a habit to listen songs on your desktop or mobile, you will be glad to know that there are free options available.

The handheld device or mobile is one of today’s hottest gadgets, which are gradually changing the way people perceive music. Music is now considered a lifestyle, where gadgets such as the smart phone help deliver quality entertainment on the go.
Free Songs Download

There are different ways, which can bring you the music that you want for your mobile. If you want to download songs, you have to first visit websites that offer songs for free. Although they may be hard to find, there are lots of websites, which offer songs at free of cost.

Most of the free websites even let you download unlimited music without having you to exhaust your credit card or spend even a dime.

Free Songs Download For Mobile and PC

Jamendo: Jamedo is the number one platform for free music. You can free music downloads for private use and Royalty free music licenses for commercial purposes. More than 55,000 albums by independent artists.

MP3Raid: Mp3Raid is a website which indexes and organizes music that has been legally posted on the Internet.

This site claimed to have access to more than a million free mp3 downloads, and free music downloads all over the Internet which makes them one of the best music search engines on the net. You can legally listen to any mp3 file before you download it, and you can also post your mp3 on your page/profile for free.

BeeMP3s: Beemp3s manage and organize mp3 music files that have been officially published online. This site has access to free audio file and thousand of free mp3 downloads from all over the Internet which makes them one of the finest mp3 search engines on the web.

It also recommends you new hits every week and lists the greatest tracks from popular to indie, hiphop, across all styles, etc.

eMP3world: Emp3world uses an automated algorithm, which detects growing interest in some songs; and the system immediately searches the web for these mp3 files and adds them to their database. In a similar way, it also replaces all broken links with new ones.

With this technique, you guarantee fresh content all the time. Discover newest and best music hits, that music fans around the world listen here. emp3world is in compliance with all copyrights.

AirMP3: AirMP3 is a music search engine. It searches for free mp3 downloads on a couple of music sites, and lists all results on a single page.

Which means it searches the keywords you submit in the search box, and scan them simultaneously to several music search engines and free mp3s sites. Within few seconds you receive, free mp3 downloads links from all search engines queried.

MP3fusion: MP3 fusion is one of the best sources for free mp3 downloads. This site index and organize 100 thousands of free music downloads for you to listen to and download. It also provides a huge song lyrics database for all your lyrics needs.

SeekaSong: SeekaSong provides you huge collection of top 20 songs from all around the world. You can either listen online or download for free.

MP3 Center: MP3 Center is a music search engine which lets you download mp3 songs for free. Like other music download sites this website too gather search results from the best music sources on the web and let you listen to and download mp3 songs right from their user friendly interface.

MP3grabber: MP3grabber is not a music search engine but a free online tool help you search and grab mp3 from various video sites like YouTube, Dailymotion, Myspace, vevo etc.; you can also search and download mp3 from other online legal resources.

MP3 Zem: MP3 Zem is simply a music search which helps you to download your favorite music and video. MP3 Zem is home to everything that is related to music such as Lyrics, music concert, create playlist and much more.