The first question that needs answering when it comes to journeying down the path to creating a social media endeavor like a corporate blog is “Why?” For business, it is already expected that a company have a website presence, but what do consumers really want to see when they try to research you or your company online?

The truth is, when consumers and other people begin to research you online, they are preferring to read what other people are saying about you, or they are looking for a chance to see you in action, reading about your expertise, how you solve problems, and so on.

Why Blog

Newsletters, testimonial ads and standard website content are excellent at getting the word out about your company, and they will never be completely replaced by blogging, but they are all clearly one way forms of communication. If you send out too many newsletters, your readers may stop paying attention, or they may regard your correspondence as spam outright.

On the other hand, for those who prefer to receive information via e-mail, blogging is still quite the viable option.
Blogs allow you to reach out to your customers and other consumers more easily than ever, by allowing you to:

Provide information and resources that are topical and relevant on a regular basis,

Receive feedback from your readers, engaging them in discussions that are relevant specifically to them,

Distribute your content on a much greater scale thanks to search engines and RSS feeds.

Additionally, blogs give your readers and customers a lot of additional capabilities, including the chance to:

Receive regular updates from you,

Receive updates from you when they want to, and if they want to, rather than on your schedule,

Take things away from your blog, sharing them with their network

Find you more easily through search because of tagging and keywords.

Chances are, your customers are finding new ways to become connected now than in the past. Blogs will give you more juice with Google, and they will also allow you to differentiate yourself much more clearly from other businesses, and all it takes is a little bit of personality, and a little bit of work.

Corporate blogging is all about pouring your passion for your company into a medium that your customers will gladly respond to. Internet users love blogs, and are attracted to blogs, so by writing in a blog, you can touch your customers past, present and future in new ways, giving them a reason to work with your company.

Now that you know why blogs are so important, and now that you understand what they can do for you and your company, the next step is obviously going to be to create your own blog. Your business can benefit in a number of ways when you run a corporate blog, so now is the time for you to implement corporate blogging in your marketing strategy for better business.