Why do some blog instantly become hits, while others languish without a reader to be found? Although the subject matter can play a big role in popularity, a lack of readership can be attributed to a lack of style in the blog. Since there is so much competition out there, you’ve got to work on creating a special hook that will keep your reader’s interested.

This is the key to developing a corporate blog that will get noticed. Here are some tips on how to pick the right style hook for your blog.

Blog’s Style

1. The Funny Hook

If you are a naturally humorous person, don’t be afraid to let your sense of humor shine through your posts. Granted, this is not the place to share off color jokes, but if you have a talent for wry, dry or witty writing, your blog can be a great outlet. If you can make people laugh while they are reading a corporate blog, that is a big accomplishment.

Readers remember funny blogs right off the bat and they’ll want to return often to make sure they get their daily dose of funny. However, if you do not have a flare for comedy, this is not the best hook to use. The key is knowing whether or not you have the talent for being truly humorous. If not, there are plenty of other hooks that you can use.

2. The Newsy Hook

This is the perfect hook for those that may have a drier writing style or for those that don’t feel comfortable cracking jokes all the time. If you have the time to spend monitoring news and breaking it on your corporate blog, you can develop a very devoted readership.

It’s best to stick with news that is related to your corporate sector, but there may be times when you can push the envelope a little bit. Many blogs have taken off after they covered one item that was very popular. The readers will stick around if they like your style and the information you cover.

3. The Controversial Hook

This hook should be used with care and only by those that are masters of PR and capable of handling controversy. The blogs that use this hook are probably the most popular, but there is a fine line to walk here. If you are worried about your company getting dragged through the mud, or if you have a board that you have to please, it’s best not to use this hook.

These are just a few examples of hooks that you can use to start creating that relationship with your readers. If none of them fit, then just let your personality shine through your posts.

Being friendly and open can be a hook on its own and may actually create better results than all three of the above hooks combined. The secret is finding what works for you and your readers. Once you’ve got that down, the sky is the limit.