Currently, one of the best ways to reach out to your customer base is through the use of a corporate blog. When it comes to getting that personal touch just right and humanizing your company, there is no better tool than a blog done well.

Let’s take a look at just a few of the benefits that a corporate blog can bring your company.


1. Greater Discoverability

Static pages such as you find on a regular site are not very discoverable when it comes to search engine traffic. If you’re in a very tight niche, it can be difficult to get your pages up to the top of the search engine results. When you have a corporate blog, you’re boosting that discoverability for the following reasons.

First, you have more content that is added to on a regular basis. Search engines start spidering your site more often and the result is that you have a higher ranking in search results.

Second, you’ll be covering several different topics that readers of all kinds will be interested in. The more you write about the better your chances are of having new customers stumble upon your blog and as such, your company.

2. The Human Touch

Many consumers view corporations are being soulless and run by a bunch of drones. A corporate blog that is done well will create that human element and help consumers see that your business is run by real people. This builds a stronger level of trust and your readers begin to develop a relationship with you via this blog. Over time, this can lead to a fan base as well as regular visitors and much more traffic.

3. Better Brand Awareness

Part of the key to building a strong brand is having that instant name recognition. When you have a corporate blog, you’ll be exposed to an entirely new audience. Your fans will begin to associate your company with openness and they will begin to recognize not only your name but your brand as well. There is no better tool for quickly building up your company’s brand.

This is not to say that corporate blogging is easy. In many cases, it may be beneficial to outsource the management of your blog to a trained professional that is capable to assisting you with SEO as well as pertinent advice on how to avoid common blogging pitfalls.

By having a professional company guide you on your path towards corporate blogging the successful way you can be assured that you can avoid not only these pitfalls but that your blog will be able to accomplish all of the points mentioned above as well as many other benefits.

Blogging is an exciting new horizon for many companies and while it isn’t foolproof, with the right team, you can make a big difference in your company’s popularity. It’s definitely a balance, but with the right elements, you can have a very successful corporate blog that gets noticed.