Here are nine ways to make corporate blogging even easier for you. Writing your blog should be enjoyable and fun, rather than just a task you have no interest in doing.

These some really great tools should help make blogging more fun and enjoyable for you rather than a chore or a task that you would like to enjoy.


1. AutoCopy

You can skip the manual copying and pasting by using AutoCopy. If you want to quote passages you find on the web, or reference other snippets, forget using Control/Command +C and Control/Command +V once you’re at the right place in the markup language.

Instead, install the AutoCopy tool, a free FireFox extension found at It will allow you to select text to automatically add it to the clipboard, then will allow you to paste it by middle clicking anywhere while in FireFox.

2. CoLT

This will allow you to copy both links and their titles, making it easier than ever for you to use the links you want in your blogs. CoLT is the Copy Link Text Firefox Extension, available at

3. Reusable Post and Image Templates

If you tend to post in ways that are similar in structure, you might as well create reusable templates for images and posting. Wired has a guide for automating actions in Photoshop. You can also grab free templates for Blogger and WordPress or use a variety of different CSS templates that automate the posting process significantly.

4. Blog Live Using Jott

Jott is a neat voicemail to text service that can allow you to post the things you need even when you are on the go. Jott, available through is compatible with Blogger, Typepad, Tumblr, WordPress and Livejournal.

5. Text Replacement

Use text replacement to automate repetitive code in your blog postings. This is a lot easier than embedding a flickr photo manually, or creating a custom signature template or custom headline, then add a text replacement app to your arsenal. Some examples are Tester from Windows, Snippits for Linux and TextExpander for Mac.

6. Google Alerts

Google Alerts will allow you to get topic based post ideas sent your email inbox every day. This will allow you to laser focus in on the particular websites, blog posts, news stories and group posts that you are intending to find.

7. Spend Less Time Resizing

Blogs need imagines, but finding the perfect image in the perfect size can be time consuming. Use Photoshop or GIMP, or choose Picnik available at to make this process a great deal easier and hassle free.

8. Foxmarks

You can keep your post ideas synchronized with Foxmarks, because posting fodder can be found all the time but you need a way to store it if you are not yet ready to post about it. Foxmarks can be found at

9. Tumblr

A tumblelog is a quick post blog that is powered using the Tumblr web application which makes posting anything you want a lot less intimidating than if you were to blog in the wide-open HTML space like Movable Type or WordPress. Learn more about Tumblr at