Do you want to know how to get free followers on Instagram instantly without any hack? Look no further! We will show that getting lots of followers is relatively easy. The first thing you  need to do is set up an Instagram account, with a specific theme or purpose you have in mind.

Then, take some interesting and fun pictures, and upload them and learn to properly tag them. Final and foremost, you must learn some tricks to get as many followers as you want! Follow our step by step guide to get free followers for Instagram with less effort.

Get More Followers On Instagram

Increase the Number Of Instagram Followers Quickly

Start Giving “Like” To Some Pictures

One of the best ways to get followers is to give “Like” to few pictures. Check your wall and give “Like” to some of the photos of your friends. Hopefully those who do not follow you start to do so.

Go to the “Explore” and take a look at the most popular pictures. Give”Like” to some, since these accounts often have lots of followers and maybe some start following you.

Then, using the tags, start looking pictures of people, places or things that interest you. For example, if you want to see photos of the Eiffel Tower, writes #paris, or just #eiffel. Give “Like” to all the photos you want.

Another alternative for those looking forward to getting many followers in a short time is to find the most popular tags. Now, take a look at the pictures that you find interesting and continue to “Like.”

Do the same with different tags until you have given “Like” to thousands of photos. It may seem hopeless, but if you do it every day, see how it will increase the number of followers quickly. Make it a goal to reach one million followers.

Start Commenting On Photos

Next thing you need to do is start commenting on the photos you like. A very simple but a great strategy to get more followers on Instagram instantly.

This gives a more personal touch and thus, the person will feel flattered by your comments and may decide to follow you!

Although you cannot comment on all the photos that gave him “Like,” try to do it as you can. You do not have to write an essay, but something simple like: “Great picture!” Or “I love it” could be enough.

However, remember that a personal comment is more effective. Write something like, “I love the lighting in this photo, good job!” Or “I love your hair; I wish mine looked like this!” . Just one sentence could do the trick.

Add Comments Or Questions To Your Photos

Although Instagram is all about photos, it is important to remember the power of the words. You could describe your own photos in order to attract more followers.

Write few words about your photo, for example; what inspired you to take it. Alternatively, simply point out where it was taken. Remember that people get bored if your description is very long, so just two lines are enough.

You can also ask questions, as these will encourage others to comment on your posts. It could be something simple as a picture of a new cafeteria with the question: “Did someone already knows?” Or maybe a picture of a pair of shoes and ask what should I wear today.

Finally, you could include abbreviations CTA (Calls-to-action) in your publications. For example, if you published a photo of your cat in a strange position, you could add a comment like, “I want to see all their cats doing crazy things. Use the tag #crazycats “. This will encourage your followers to take their own photos and use your hashtag.

Post Regularly, But Not Too Often

Do not expect to get followed if you never publish photos, so it is important to constantly check your Instagram and keep it active.

Published between 1 and 10 photos a day, and will keep your followers updated, this will ensure you always appear in their notifications.

However, do not post for any reason. Each photo must be special. Look at the most active users on Instagram and learn how to take good photos.

Do not post too many photos a day and avoid posting more than one photo at a time. This could fill the mailbox of your followers, which surely will not like.

Remember that your constant posting unrelated and non-interesting photos may drive away your followers. This is the last thing you need when you’re looking to get a good amount of followers in short duration.

Published at The Right Time

You may be publishing beautiful photos, but if your potential follower is not logged, the reach of your photographs will be reduced, and this will not help you gain new followers.

Think of your followers and their habits. Most people check their Instagram in the morning before going to school or work and in the afternoon, on the way home. Therefore, if you publish these hours, it is less likely that they will get noticed.

According to a survey by Simple Measure, the ideal time to publish on Instagram is Wednesday afternoon, between 5 and 6 pm, as it is the time when more users are connected.  Some applications may also indicate what the ideal hours to use Instagram. This may help you discover when you should publish.

Note that you have an average of four hours to get your photos “Like”, comments and followers, because after that time, your post is lost between notifications.

Try To Get People Attention

This is a simple trick to draw attention of Instagram users and to make them your own followers.

To get the attention of people, mention their names in your publications and ask your own followers to comment. So, you expose another person to you followers who could do the same in future: Remember  “Today for you, tomorrow for me.”

A celebrity, a recognized brand or someone with thousands of followers when mention your name, you could easily get many followers. Unfortunately, it is very rare but worth trying. Sites like “Klout” and “Quick Shouts” can also help you to promote your page as well.

Use Relevant Tags

There are two different perspectives when we talk about the use of tags. Some people think you should write as many tags as possible to reach more audiences for your photos; However, others think that two or three relevant tags are sufficient.

People who think “the less the better,” believe that too many tags could saturate your publication. They also believe that it is sufficient to use a pair of tags that are really relevant for the followers you want.

The option you choose depends on you, and it’s just a matter of preference. If you decide to use two or three tags, make sure they are directly related to your publication.

Use The Most Popular Tags

This is another way to get you to notice your photos. Typically, these are tags that are widely used and that will help you increase your audience.

For example, if you post a picture of an animal or a baby, you may want to use the tags that are widely used instead the one that is not popular.  You can even use both but remember the English tags are most commonly used.

Create Your Own Hashtag

If you do not want to create your own, you can use the one that has not been used in a while and make it your own.

For example, if the theme of your account is the kitchen, and you love cupcakes or post photos of delicious dishes, you can create the tag #mybestcupcake or something similar.

Then, use the tag on each photo you post, plus include in your biography. With any luck, if your tag becomes a trend,  you will surely get many new followers who have similar interests.

Geotags Your Instagram Photos

To turn your Location settings for your camera got to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Camera > ON. This way, your photos will automatically grab the coordinates of your location.

Use this tool when you took the photo in a place considered to be very popular, such as a cafeteria, a recognized museum a fancy restaurant, etc. Other people who have posted photos taken in the same place can see your posts and may even start following you.

Thousands of people are looking pictures of these places every day, so your post will be seen from every corner of the world, and more and more people will start following you.