The level of competition is very high in graphic design business as every month new companies are coming to the market and offering affordable services.

Unfortunately, the number of clients is not growing so fast and companies are facing a tough challenge to attract new customers.

Graphic Design Business

If you have a graphic design company, there here are some of the strategies you can apply to capture both local and overseas clients’ attention.

Promote Your Specialty

Its good to offer a range of graphic design solutions, but it’s hard to establish the brand identity by being a “Jack of all trades, but master of none”.

Clients often look for a dedicated logo design or brochure design company, not “do it all” businesses. Therefore, highlight your area of expertise in the service page and portfolio to attract new customers.

Send Flyers and Newsletters

Very old marketing technique but offers great return on investment. You must constantly remind the potential customers about your existence and the USP of your business.

Design the flyer and newsletter beautifully to give a glimpse of your designing skills.

Keep Existing Customers Happy

Don’t forget your loyal clients to satisfy the new ones. Some of them must have been doing business with you for several years and trust your work.

If you keep in touch with them, they may come back to you for other projects or even recommend your company to their friends and colleagues.

Ask For Testimonials

If you have ever designed the logo of a famous brand or created the business card of a celebrity, never forget to ask for a testimonial from them.

Testimonials work like advertisements of your agency, but unlike paid ads, people trust testimonials and offer you their projects.

Offer Free Service

Make this a part of corporate social responsibility to promote your business effectively. You can occasionally design the logo of a NGO or create a poster for a social cause free of charge to elevate your brand value.

Such free work helps you attract media’s attention and gives your company immediate recognition.

Use Social Media

We likely trust a company that our friends “like” or “tweet” about. You should open accounts in reputed social media sites to reach potential clients all over the world.

Share photos of your employees, offer exclusive discount to your fans/followers and showcase the latest projects to prove your worth.

Promotion, loyalty and communication with clients are three golden principles of a successful business. When you provide genuine designs at an affordable rate and maintain project deadlines, clients are bound to notice your company.