With 288 million monthly active users and 500 million Tweets are sent per day; Twitter has quickly gained its fame since it was launched in 2006. It has capture the interest of everyone and even companies of all scales that intend to publicize their products and services are using it.

Most of the social  networking sites allow you to express your artistic vision by allowing modification of their default theme, and Twitter is no different; they allow you to push the boundary of your talents.

Twitter Backgrounds

Your Twitter background is a way of showing yourself who you are and how serious you are with the business you deal with.

For this reason, you will want your twitter background to stand out and will want to take it to the next level. Making use of a free custom-designed background will offer a lasting impression in a quick and productive way. An attractive and catchy twitter background can help you in some ways if not many

For businesses that are looking forward to create a really big following, a default background is usually not going to be successful. When a user click on your twitter page they do not want to see a same boring page that they see everyday.

The default twitter background does not let them know what you or your business is about. When a users feel like you don’t care, chances are they are not going to care either.

Twitter background designs can be found on several different sites offering you unique images for your page. Before you use any tools remember to bring your thoughts to the image in a unique way. So that you don’t end up with a background that is similar in any way to any of your competitors.

Free Twitter Background Creator/Generator

Free Twitter Designer: This tool uses a flash based app to let you completely design your profile background, from text and images to colors, shapes and more. You can create free Twitter backgrounds that have the same look and feel as those done by professional graphic designers. It’s easy to use, and best of all, it’s Free!

Twitter Backgrounds: Offers free twitter backgrounds and custom twitter themes to promote your twitter profile all over the web. You will need to download the file to your hard drive or use an auto install feature which will post the selected background to your twitter profile.

TwitrCovers: They have got some of the best collection of Twitter Covers, Twitter Header Images and Twitter Backgrounds.

Twitter Background: This site provides more than 1000 different backgrounds in different categories. This makes it easy for you to choose the one which is suitable for your brand.

PROFILErehab: Provides Free Twitter Themes and cool backgrounds for Twitter.

Twitpaper: Great collection of twitter backgrounds, twitter headers and twitter covers for your profile.

QuotesCover: QuotesCover can turns any ordinary quotes texts into beautiful quotes picture which can be used as Twitter header.

Twitter Background Checker: This tool check how your Twitter profile looks in smaller or higher resolutions.

Twilk: Thiss tool will put your Twitter followers on your background.

Twiback: With this tool you can change the Twitter background or profile icon automatically. All you have to do is upload your photos, icons, avatars, patterns, designs, background wallpapers, even advertisements and they will change automatically on Twitter´s background on time you set.

TweetHawk: Provides custom background designs for personal use.

Language is a Virus: 1000’s of unique free Twitter backgrounds.

Pattern Cooler: 10,000s Cool Editable Seamless Patterns for twitter.

Profile Brand Twitter Backgrounds: Offers everything you need to fully customize your Twitter Profile and Twitter Background.

Twitter Gallery: Select from over 600 high quality free Twitter backgrounds or get a custom Twitter Background designed.

SweetTweet: Huge collection of twitter backgrounds, twitter layouts, twitter buttons, badges and more!

MyTwitterBackgrounds: Top source for the hottest twitter backgrounds.

Themeleon: This tool gives you plenty of options to fully customize your twitter background. All you have to do is login with your Twitter credentials and you can give a new look to your Twitter profiles.

The best part of this tool is you can apply a theme to your profile and if you register with the site, it will save the themes you apply so that you can change and re-use them at anytime.

SnazzySpace: Huge collection of free twitter backgrounds.

Cute Twitter Backgrounds: Collection of cute Twitter backgrounds and layouts with auto installation.

Please Note: Background images must be in PNG, GIF, or JPG format, smaller than 2MB. If your twitter background size is too large, use an image-editing program or web app to shrink the image. Animated GIFs are not supported as background images.