Desktop wallpapers are the first thing you see when you login to your computer or laptop for work or play. They bring color to a black-and-white world, especially if you are a freelancer or a blogger who has to sit all day starring at your computer screen.

When looking for cool backgrounds for your computer, the Internet is full of so many websites that you will never run out of options.

Cool Backgrounds

The search can be a simple or complicated one depends on what you are looking for, but there will be a buried treasure out there waiting for you to discover it.

Many of these websites organize the wallpapers based on color, design, and how large the monitor or screen is. When looking for obscure cool backgrounds, such as the ones dedicated to favorite bands or gaming wallpapers then fan sites devoted to them might prove to be more than fruitful.

You can find cool backgrounds by using your basic search engine. However, we have just done that task for you by making a list of some of the best websites that offers free background images and wallpaper for computer’s screen.

Cool Desktop Backgrounds Wallpapers Sites

HD Wallpapers: HD wallpapers is a place to find the best HD wallpapers for your desktop, mobile phone or tablet. This site make it easy to discover, share and download High Definition wallpapers.

Vlad Studio: Vlad studio is the project of Russian digital artist Vlad Gerasimov. Here you will find some of the cool wallpapers for your computer and mobile devices.

HD-Wallpapers: Here you will download high definition wallpapers for HD and widescreen desktops.

Wallpaper Stock: A huge site where you can download free desktop wallpapers and free stock photos.

Wallpaper Gang: This site is one of the best place where you find various category updated wallpapers for free download. Get the best High Definition wallpapers without any difficulty.

Wallpapers HD: Here you find great collection of HD wallpapers submitted by the users.

Picky Wallpapers: Picky Wallpapers offers a great collection of free widescreen and HD wallpapers for your desktop.

All wallpapers are available for popular devices such as: Apple iPhone, iPad / iPad2, iPod, Sony PlayStation Portable, Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Blackberry, HTC, and the Amazon Kindle.

All the wallpapers here are uploaded by users, you can join the community and can rate, comment and share your own wallpapers.

Wallpaper Here: This site provides top quality HD and 3D wallpapers of various categories. You can browse all top rated and most downloaded wallpapers and download them for free.

Wallpapers Wide: this is one of the best site to get free high resolution wallpapers for desktop and mobile. You can filter the wallpapers by its aspect ratio and resolution.

Ultra HD Wallpapers: This website provides the most elegant Ultra HD and 4K wallpapers for your desktop, notebook, tablet, smartphone and TV . It has the biggest 3840×2160 wallpaper database.

Wallpapers: This site is the source for free and high definition desktop Backgrounds. You can get wallpapers in many different resolutions including Ultra HD 4K and 8K.

Big Background: This site is a is a Wallpaper Search engine specializing in HD Wallpapers and 1920×1080 / 1920×1200 resolutions.

It provides high definition wallpapers, and widescreen background for desktop, tablet and smartphone. The purposes of this web is to give information about the latest, the most popular, and trend of the HD wallpapers, large pictures, and widescreen background.

Desktop Nexus: This site provides free computer wallpapers, pictures, and desktop backgrounds.  You will find a new, fresh, high-quality background images submitted by its users.

Cool Backgrounds: This site have some of the best backgrounds in HD resolutions. Featuring cool backgrounds that you can download for free. Check out our entire collection which consists of over a thousand high quality pc, mac and mobile wallpapers.