More and more people have realized that working for someone else for 10 hours a day is not as fulfilling as our past generations have had us believe and this has led to them to start their own business.

There are a few pretty clear characteristics that identify successful from unsuccessful start-ups. So before you begin the campaign, you’ll want to check-out these top tips:

Starting a New Business

Start Your Business In a Growth Industry

One of the huge mistakes made by entrepreneurs is starting the ill-judged business in the first place. It sounds simple, but picking the right business at the right time is a critical factor that could make-or-break your business.

To succeed, you must avoid mature industries with little growth or potential for growth. You will also want to stay away from markets that have too many competitors and undifferentiated product’s offerings. Be sure you know the margins of the products that you’ll be selling and stay away from those with very less profit.

Thin margins always require a greater sales volume that is often difficult for start-up company to achieve in short period of time.

Do What You Love To Do

If you already have some experience in the business that you want to build as an employee that can be come in very handy. The aim is to do something that you love to do so that work doesn’t seem like work anymore.

Make a checklist of resources that you have and if additional resources are needed how you can source them. Writing down everything really helps as it gives structure to your thought process.

Take a look at your own abilities and work to gain an understanding of your key competitors. You need to start your business with products or services that can easily stand out from competitors.


Learn as much as you can about the business you want to start. The internet is a great source of information; look through your competitor’s website along with new advances in your field.

Go to trade shows and visit the shops and understand how they conduct their business, so that you can make the right changes.

Select a Powerful and Unique Company Name

For growth focused businesses a good name is simply not good enough. You need a great name that is not only inspiring but also distinguishes you from your competitors. The business name should be short, clear, memorable, easy to spell and pronounce.

You also need to check that you can legally use the name without infringing on another firm’s trademark. The name should be protected through domestic and international trademark databases.

And it is also vital to secure domain name. Customers always come to a conclusion that your company name to be the same as domain name.

Test The Waters

The initial set of customers that you cater to can give you confidence and also expose the flaws in your system. Ask for constant feedback and see if your assumptions have worked out correctly or if you need to tweak the system for better results.


Setting goals against a timeline is very crucial for a budding entrepreneur. Create a chart and make sure you monitor all the milestones that you achieve in terms of revenues and also the number of customers.

Support Team

A support team is something that an entrepreneur cannot do without. The support team can be your family or friends who listen to you and support you through thick and thin. You can also approach people that you admire in the society to be your mentor.