People have been trying to make money from the website since its establishment, and it has always been a lot tougher than anyone anticipated. Even many top sites has faced making money online. So how is anyone expected to design a lucrative website on his own? However, with the right knowledge and understanding.

It’s possible. You can make fortunes just with a single website, if you approach with proper skills and ideas.

Online Business Ideas

Creating a Niche Website

Creating a niche website normally doesn’t seem to be profitable at first. However, niche websites, in fact, have a great advantage over other big websites. Like online newspapers, entertainment sites, and social networking sites, visitors actually tend to look at, and click on the related advertisements.

To place advertisements on your website, you can join ad networks such as Google Adsense and Chitika that automatically create targeted advertisements based on the content of your website. Adsense, for instance, works on a pay per click manner.

Every time a visitor clicks on an advertisement you receive a few cents. For big websites, the click rate (clicks vs. total visitors) can be less than 0.3%, but for smaller niche websites, it’s always greater than 1%.

Reviews and Referrals

The other outstanding way of making money with a niche website is by sponsored reviews and referrals programs. Sponsored reviews are the reviews that you write for particular products and the manufacturers of the products pay you for doing it. Some sponsored review website includes ReviewMe and PayPerPost,

There are many more on the web. Referrals are somehow similar but Instead of getting paid for a review, you hype the product on your own and get paid a percentage of the profit when a visitor clicks through your site link and purchase the product. Nearly all webs hosting companies offer referral programs and Amazon also has a very popular Affiliates program.

Web Hosting Business

It may sound odd, but it’s possible to start your own money-making web hosting company without skills or employees. You can do this by what is called”reseller hosting”: Where you can sell hosting space, of course you need to invest a small amount first. After that you can set your own package and pricing.

HostGator is one of the most popular web hosts who offers reseller hosting.

Selling E-books

The trick in selling e-book on your websites is that persons have to know that your website exists so that they can purchase the book. A lot of e-book sellers provide referral programs for websites that cover the similar topic as that of e-books.

Online Store

This is probably the toughest alternative, but it can also be most profitable: Designing a real online business for selling product can be very challenging. Online store has a lot of similarities with real store.

They need to have a clean layout; allow your shoppers to get in and out as quickly as possible; and offer them add-ons while they’re checking out. If you’re selling your own custom-made products or virtual goods, you’ll always get paid when someone purchases it.

Quick Tip: To run a profitable online business it is very important that you get traffic. In order to get free traffic your site has to appear on the first page of search engine. And to get on the first page of search engine you need to learn about the website SEO techniques.