There are different ways on how you can monetize your website or blog. One of the most powerful ways of making money with your website is by web advertising. Different advertisement formats are ready for use, which include text ads, pop-ups, banners and video ads.

This article provides you concepts and points out the facts so that you can use to your website for maximum profit.
How to Make Money From Website

Text Ads

Text ad is an ad form which does not include any graphic or image. To use it, you are given a text with a backlink to the goods or service that requires publicity.

Activating text ads in your blog is very easy as it just requires copying and fixing code in your website template. If your website is one that rummages in into various subjects and speaks about various products and service’s kinds, using text ads may not be that profitable.

Banners Ads

Banner ad is the finest way to monetize your web efficiently. This involves advertisement with image and text. An affiliate program, advertising firm, Google Adsense or any such service can provide you the code which you can place at important places in your website.

Product Based Ads

If you are not still satisfied with your income by banner ads, why not probe the prospect for product-based advertisements.

These ad forms advertise goods, that are offered in auctions and online shops. In your website, it will automatically show advertisements that promote these goods determined by on how related the product is to your website content as well as the target viewers that it furnishes.

Picture and costs of the goods are posted in your website conjointly with a miniature essence of the product. The optimum method to monetize your website by this is to have a particular site which talks about a certain product every day. Product-based ad could yield you maximum profit if you receive the right amount of targeted traffic.


You can as well use RSS advertisements so you can profit more from your website. Users have to understand that is simpler to read their preferred website via RSS feeds. That is the reason ad businesses, and suppliers have tried to enter the area to maximize revenue to furnish their target market.

Website Sponsorship

Finally, you may imagine about your website receiving sponsors from different ad agencies or firms. You could bound it to a particular amount of time with an acknowledged sum of money. Together, you and your customer must be pleased with the agreement.

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