Photo blogs, which are also commonly referred to as photologs or phlogs, are great examples of the tendency for people to keep connected to one another at all times, as well as to share as much information as is possible with people who are virtually strangers to them.

Photo blogging, simply put, is the phenomenon of sharing photos and publishing them in the form of a blog. Photo blogs, then, put much more emphasis on photo posting blogs than actual text posting.

Photo Blogging

Photo blogging, which is characterized simply as posting photos in a blog instead of text, has been in a drastic upswing ever since around the early 2000s, particularly when you consider the great advances that have occurred in digital camera technology in recent years. Now days, pretty much anyone can take photographs and can post them directly into a photo blog from a camera.

There are three different types of photo blogs that you can create and maintain. The first is a photo blog that exists on a personal domain name. The second is a blog on a blogging server designed for text content but that is also capable of accommodating images, and the third is a photo blogging service such as Flickr for example.

Setting up a photo blog is going to involve many of the same procedures as normal text blogs. Providing access to most photo blogs is completely free. Creating a photo blog is easy and straight forward, and for this reason, it is an art that has become all the rage with many online bloggers.

Creating quality control for such a blog is a little trickier than usual, especially because any individual with a camera can launch a legitimate photo blog if they choose to. Still, you can promote a photo blog much in the same way that a standard text blog is promoted and advertised.

You can also earn money through your photo blog through the implementation of advertising, though using a campaign like AdWords will be a little more difficult when there is not much written content to speak of on your blog. There is absolutely no reason that you cannot take advantage of all the same benefits that come from a standard text blog simply by blogging with images or photos instead of text entries.

In these times, which are more fluid than ever, there is no telling whether your works will be drawing the attention of connoisseurs or not. Your work may actually be accepted as serious photography. Keep your camera handy because there is no real telling who you will attract with a well maintained photo blog, and the possibilities truly are endless with such a blog concept.