One of the secrets to creating buzz around your trade show booth is offering a freebie that generates a lot of interest.

Whether you hand out something that is fun, useful in the long term, or fulfills an immediate need, if you have a good giveaway you can capture some extra attention.

Business Needs

When you can create any buzz about your booth at a trade show, you increase your chances of being introduced to new consumers and making sales.


A humorous t-shirt that event goers are likely to throw on will get people talking. Then if they choose to wear it after the trade show, your message will continue to spread.

A funny message or even a good quote will make people more likely to wear the shirt than if it just has a company logo, so get creative with cartoons or other graphics.


Walking around a trade show can be tiresome, so any time you can offer a refreshment or a snack people with thank you.

As you see increased visitors to your booth for their free cookie or other goody, you’ll have a chance to snag their attention about your business or product line.

Tote Bags

You won’t be the only one handing out free stuff at the trade show, so people will need a place to store all of their new things. Hand out a tote bag, and everything that is branded with another company’s logo will be placed into a shoulder bag with your brand printed on the front.

Tote bags are sure to be useful after the trade show ins spreading the awareness of your brand.

Golf-related Items

Putting your brand on a custom golf towel means that consumers will be spreading your brand message every time they hit the links for a business meeting or a leisure game.

Golf enthusiasts will talk up your event booth, which can increase your traffic at the trade show. Other golf items like golf balls, tees, and head covers are a good idea as well.

Water Bottles

Environmentally conscious consumers will appreciate a reusable water bottle. They can use it at the trade show when they’re tired and thirsty, and then take it repeatedly to the gym or park when they go home. Travel coffee mugs are another similar item that can easily be a big hit an a trade show.

Trade show giveaways should not be underestimated. They help you spread your branding message during and after the show, and they also help you build a rapport with the consumers who approach your booth.