Whether you have installed WordPress on your WordPress hosting  or whether you have signup for a blog on wordpress.com, you will be always redirected to the login page where you can login with your username and passwords and can manage your WordPress website.

However, Beginners often have a difficulty in finding their WordPress login URL, the next time they want to login.

WordPress Login URL

Though there are WordPress themes, which provide admin login URL in footer or in a sidebar, you may be not using that theme. So how to locate your website login URL?

Accessing Your WordPress Admin Area

Admin area is the place where you will want to land first, it is also called dashboard and its a place where you can create new post/pages, change your themes, add plugins/widgets, etc. The best way to do this is by adding /wp-admin or /admin to the end of your website URL.

If you’re not already logged in, WordPress will automatically redirect you to login page.


If your website is located in a sub-domain, you can add /wp-admin or /admin to the end:


If you are using WordPress on local, then add wp-admin or /admin to the folder name where you have saved the WordPress files.


If it’s difficult for you to remember your WordPress login URL, you can add a shortcut to your browser in “Bookmarks Toolbar.” Alternatively, you can add a meta widget to your WordPress sidebar. A Meta widget automatically adds a link to the login page, links to your site’s RSS feeds, and a link to WordPress.org website.

Click on Appearance » Widgets and add the meta widget to one your website’s sidebar.